“PHPT”, Vol 3, №1


AFANASYEV D.N., SVISTUNOV V.M. High-resolution measurements of dynamic conductance on HTSC-based tunnel junctions 5
AGEEV N.V., GASUMYANTS V.K, KAIDANOV V.I., KAZMIN S.A. The band spectrum of Bi-based superconductors 9
ANTONENKO S.A., SOKOLOV A.I. Renormalization-group analysis of phase transitions in frustrated Josephson-junction arrays 19
BEREZA S.YU., GVOZD’ V.I., GOROBETS YU.J., RUSAKOV V.R., SHUSTER G.V. The dynamic susceptibility of HTSC-ceramics in a low-frequency range 26
BEREZA S.YU., GOROBETS YU.I., SIMONOV A.A. Effect of superconductive cover on ferromagnetic domain structure 31
DROBOT’KO V.F., GRISHIN A.M., KHOKHLOV V.A. Response peculiarities of granular films carrying direct or alternating transport current 35
D’YACHENKO А.I. А model for the current transport in high-temperature superconducting tapes 49
D’YACHENKO A.I., KOCHERGIN I.V. Thin NS-sandwiches proximity effects 61
D’YACHENKO A.I., KVACHEV A.A. Solution of the su¬perconductivity physics inverse task reconstruction of boson mode spectrum from the tunnel data 63
D’YACHENKO A.I., SVISTUNOV V.M., LESZCZYNSKI J., JACKIEWICZ J. The abnormal hysteretic phenomena in magnetic field 67
GASUMYANTS V.R., KAIDANOV V.I., KAZMIN S.A., VLADIMIRSKAYA E.V. The effect of substitution for Cu on transport properties and band spectrum YBa2Cu3Oy 73
GOROBETS YU.I., KUCHKO A.N., SIMONOV A.A. Wastage of energy during Josephson vortex moving in HTSC 82
GRIGUT’ O.V., SVISTUNOV V.M., D’YACHENKO A.I., REVENKO YU.F. Effect of Josephson medium under tunneling in Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O 85
GULIAN A.M., NERSESYAN H.N., PATURYAN S.V. On distributions of nonequilibrium electron quasiparticles in anisotropic superconductors with non-Debye phonon spectrum 91
HARUTUNIAN S.R., SAHAKIAN S.R. Tunneling observation of phonon structures in Bi-containing high temperature superconductors 96
HELMOLT R.V., HAUPT L., ZOCK CH., BARNER K. Interaction of coupled spin moments and the high-T superconducting state 102
KUZANYAN A.S., PARONYAN T.M., ABRAMYAN P.В., TERZYAN S.S., MOVSESIAN A.A. Influence of dopants of properties of superconducting phases in Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O system 111
LEVIN L.G., BELOGOLOVSKII M.A, SIBAROVA I.A. Suppression of fluctuations in Josephson junctions 115
MALYSHEV E.N., SHISHKOVA N.V., MIKHEENKO P.N., SHEPEL V.M. Critical parameters and phase composition of YBCO ceramics deformed at different temperatures 119
NECHIPORENKO I.N., SIRENKO V.A., MERENKOV D.A. Effects of 123-expansion 123
PEREKRESTOV B.L., TARENKOV V.YU., D’YACHENKO A.I., SVISTUNOV V.M., HUT’KA P. Critical parameters of Ag-BSCCO ribbons 131
REVENKO YU., GRAJCAR M., PLECENIK A., SVISTUNOV V.M., BENACKA S. The time dependence of point contact resistance observed on YBa2Cu3Ox/metal and Bi2Sr2CaCu3Oy/metal junctions 136
SVISTUNOV V.M., BELOGOLOVSKII M.A., KHACHATUROV A.I. The normal state of high temperature superconductors: electron tunneling studies 140
SEMINOGENKO V.P., KHIRNYI V.F., GRINCHENKO YU.A., KOZLOVSKII A.A., SALIJCHUK E.K., DUBOVIK M.F. The effect of technology, alternative and impulse currents on χAC and the relaxation time in Bi1,6Pb0,4Sr2Ca2Cu3Oy 147
BUKSHPUN M., KUPER C.G. Spectrum of collective modes in a thick film of a p-wave superconductor
FUGOL’ L., SAEMANN-ISCHENCO G., SAMOVAROV V., RATNER A., HOLZAPFEL В., LIPPERT M., SHURAVLEV V. Unusual temperature evolution of the optical absorption spectra of YBaCuO high-Tc. Films above and below Tc: evidence for a temperature variation of the hole concentration 158
GOLOVSKY M., TSINDLEKHT M., DAVIDOV D. Microwave propagation through the superconductor-insulator composites 159
IVANCHENKO YU.M., CHANG A., RONG Z.Y., LUFARUN, WOLF E.L. Probable observation of internal proximity effect in direct mapping of the energy gap of single crystal BiSrCaCuO 160
LOKTEV V.M., PASHITSKII E.A. Dynamic Jahn-Teller effect and many-valley structure of electronic spectrum as possible reason of high-Tc superconductivity of doped fullerite А3С60 161
MALACHEVSKY M.Т., VILLA P. L., GHERARDI L. The effect of silver addition on the BSCCO system 162
OMELYANCHOUK A.N., KULIK L.O. Proximity effect in high-Tc superconductors 163
PASHITSKII E.A. Anomalies in the isotope effect as a possible evidence of a plasmon mechanism for the high-Tc superconductivity 164
PASHITSKII E.A. A possible mechanism for the increase in Tc on the multilayer cuprate metal oxide superconductors 165
SZYMCZAK H., WISNIEWSKI A., PUZNIAK R., ВARAN M., SZYMCZAK R. Effect of neutron irradiation and oxygen deficiency on critical current in HTSC materials 166
UZUNOV I., NADJAKOV G. Critical fluctuations in unconventional superconductors 167
ZHUKOV A.A., MOSHCHALKOV V.V., МЕTLUSHKO V.V., KUZNETSOV V.D., LUKINA M.M., MILOV V.N. Flux creep and current-voltage dependencies of romanPb2Sr2Re1-nСuxCu3O8+y (Re = Y, Dy) single crystals 168

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