“PHPT”, Vol 11, №4


MISUNA G.YA., RUMYANTSEV V.V. To the memory of our friend 7
SHATALOV V.M. Scientific heritage of V.A. Telezhkin 10
BORGHARDT A.A. V.A. Telezhkin (some memories) 16
BORGHARDT A.A. C.B. Tolpygo (1916-1994) 19
ARTEMOV A.N., MEDVEDEV YU.V. Stationary states of layered superconductors with a transport current 22
BELOGOLOVSKII M.A., BOUTKO V.G., LARKIN S.YU. Quantum transport in heterogeneous superconducting structures 30
BESPALOVA S.V., MISHCHENKO A.M. Exited hydrogen bond in realisation bioenergetic processes 36
BORGHARDT A.A., GOKHFELD V.M., KARPENKO D.YA. Statistical properties of localized solutions of klein-fock-gordon equation 45
BORGHARDT A.A., KARPENKO D.YA. Critical comments on the theoretical interpretation of Vavilov-Cherenkov effect 52
BORGHARDT A.A., KARPENKO D.YA. Relativistic particle in a constant electric field (Characteristic representation) 58
BOUTKO V.G., GUSEV A.A. Valence electron density of the crystals with different chemical bonding 64
GOKHFELD V.M. On the theory of surface plasma vibrations in metals 69
GOKHFELD V.M., FIL’ V.D. On the measurement of electric field generated by sound wave in metal 76
GREBNEVA H.A. Ultraviolet targeted mutagenesis nature by SOS-replication of the DNA consisting cytosine dimers 83
DANSHIN N.K., LINNIK A.I., TSYMBAL L.T. Static and Dynamic Properties of ferrite-garnet film in the vicinity of orientational transition 93
NOGA I.V., SHATALOV V.M. Low electromagnetic field effects on biosystems 101
PANCHENKO O.F., PANCHENKO L.K. Low-energy secondary electron spectroscopy methods in the crystal subsurface diagnostics: application to some d-metals 105
RUMYANTSEV V.V., FEDOROV S.A. Polariton propagation in mixed molecular crystals 112
RUMYANTSEV V.V., SHATALOV V.M., SHTAERMAN E.YA., PIGUR A.YE. Multicell separation of hydrogen isotopes by using metal membrane 118
SAMOLETOV A.A. Invariants 122
SHELEST V.V. Homeopolarity, average charges and polarizability in the ionic-type crystals 136
SHELEST V.V., KHRISTOV A.V, LEVCHENKO G.G. Low spin and high spin states in high-molecular media contaning the ligand complexes of the iron group tranthition metal ions 145

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