Specialized scientific council

Scientific councils
Date: February 10, Thursday, 14-00
Place: Conference Room

1. Admission of the theses, performed at the Institute, to the defense for candidate of science degree in physics and mathematics specialization 01.04.07 – solid state physics:
ZHITLUKHINA Olena Sergijivna
“The spin states evolution of a 3d ion in the complexes of different symmetry”

POPOV Vyacheslav Vasylyovych
“Effect of replacement of Ni with Co on thermal stability, kinetics of crystallization and physical properties of Fe- and Al-based amorphous alloys”

of the thesis for the completion of candidate science degree in physics and mathematics,
SILCHEVA Ganna Gennadijivna
(Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University of MES of Ukraine)
«Influence of doping on the defectiveness of structure, the phase transitions and the magnetoresistive properties of manganite-lanthanum perovskites with super-stoichiometric manganese»
specialization 01.04.07 – solid state physics
Supervisor: Ph.D., senior researcher at the Department of phase transformations
PASHCHENKO Oleksiy Valentynovych.
Official opponents:
1) Doctor of Science in physics and mathematics, Professor
DZHEZHERYA Yuri Ivanovych,
Lead researcher, Department of physics of magnetic materials and nanocrystalline structures,
Institute of Magnetism of NAS and MES of Ukraine
2) Doctor of Science in physics and mathematics, Senior Researcher
KAMENJEV Viktor Ivanovych,
deputy director for science

Everybody is invited