“HPPT”, Vol 21, №4


TROITSKAYA E.P., CHABANENKO V.V., ZHIKHAREV I.V., GORBENKO Ie.Ie., PILIPENKO E.A. Quadrupole interaction in lattice dynamics of compressed rate-gas crystals in models of deformable atoms. I. General theory 7
KRASNYUK I.B., TARANETS R.M. Effect of pressure and pinning of a vortex lattice on the magnetic flux penetration in high-temperature type-II superconductors 29
LYSENKO A.B., KALININA T.V., BORISOVA G.V., KOSINSKAYA O.L., ZAGORULKO I.V. Polymorphic crystallization kinetics of the Ce79Ag21 amorphous alloy 45
KRASNYAKOVA T.V., MITCHENKO R.S., ZHIKHAREV I.V., MITCHENKO S.A. Mechanical treatment generation of the K2PdCl4 lattice structural defects serving as active sites of heterogeneous catalyst for acetylene hydrochlorination 57
DAVYDOVA I.M., MELNIK T.N., YURCHENKO V.M. Peculiarities of asymmetric impurity segregation at the boundaries of thin metal films 66
URBANOVICH V.S., KOPYLOV A.V., KUKAREKO V.A. Physical and mechanical properties of titanium diboride powder sintered under high pressure 77
SEMENOVA I.P., POLYAKOVA V.V., VALIEV R.R., RAAB G.I., IZMAILOVA N.F. Microstructure and properties of blades of GTE compressor produced by die forging of ultra-fine grained ВТ6 alloy 86
ISLAMGALIEV R.K., WEN H., NESTEROV K.M., VALIEV R.Z., LAVERNIA E. Structure of copper subjected to cryomilling and severe plastic deformation 96
BARONIN G.S., STOLIN A.M., DMITRIEV V.М., DIVIN A.G., KOBZEV D.Е., KOMBAROVA P.V., RAZININ А.K. Comparative structural-mechanical, thermo-physical and diffusion characteristics of polysulfone composites produced by method of solid- and liquid-phase extrusion 105
BAGLYUK G.А., RYABICHEVA L.A., RYABOVOL T.A., KURIKHIN V.S. Investigation of deformed state of porous billets after equal-channel angular pressing 122
DANYLENKO M.I., MOLYAR O.G., TSEKHANOV Yu.A., SHEYKIN S.Ye. Surface strengthening of the BT1-0 alloy sphere by plane surface rolling 130
SNIZHKO O.A., PASHINSKYI V.V. The characteristics of the structurization of alloys of the titanium–oxygen system, obtained by the method of chamber electroslag remelting 139
VALAKH M.Ya., KONCHITS A.A., YANCHUK I.B., SHANINA B.D., ALEXEEV A.D., VASILENKO T.A., MOLCHANOV A.N., KIRILLOV A.K. Spectroscopic studies of fossil coals with varying degree of metamorphism 148
POSTOL P.N., BEREJNAYA L.V., RUSAKOV V.F., LEVCHENKO G.G. The cryostat of closed cycle for Mössbauer measurements under pressure 160

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