“PHPT”, Vol 9, №2


NEILO G.N., PROKHOROV A.D. Influence of high pressure at ground state of ion Мп2+ in crystallohydrates (ZnTiF6-6H2O, MgSiF6-6H2O, Zn(BF4)2-6Н2O) 11
FITA I.M. Conductor-superconductor transition in NdBaCuO conditioned by external pressure via mechanism of oxygen ordering 14
LUKIN S.N. Pressure-induced switching of a direction of Jahn-Teller distortion in (ND4)2CU(SO4)2-6D2O 21
ZAKHAROV M.A. On the theory of balanced and quasi-balanced states of solid solution with volume effects 25
CHERKASOV A.N., TSYMBAL L.T. Coupling of electromag­netic modes and anomalous skin-effect in magnetic field 33
MERZOUG D., KOVALENKO I.M., SPUSKANYUK V.Z. Plastic shaping of the die inserts at the high hydrostatic pressures 38
AKIMOV G.YA., BEYGELZIMER YA.E., TIMCHENKO V.M., CHAIKA E.V. Studies of compression processes of powder ceramic materials by cold isostatic pressing 44
DAVIDENKO I.I. High temperature photoinduced magnetic effects in thin films YIG: Co 52
KAMANETS S.V., ZYUBANOV A. E., YURCHENKO V. V. The cylindrical magnetic domain tilted oscillations in thin ferrite-garnet films with a transitional film-substratum layer 59
LEVSHIN A.A., FEDOTOV S.N. Stressed-deformed state of coal rock at developing of coal seam of variable thickness 64
LOTYSH V., GUMENJUK L. Applying adaptive methods of binary image segmentation study porosity of the disperse materials 71
SUKSTANSKII A.L., YAMPOLSKAYA G.I., DAN’SHIN N.K., DELLALOV V.S. Angular dependence of the FMR fields in a bilayer exchange coupled film 75
TKATCH V.I., LIMANOVSKII F.I., KAMENEVA V.YU., RASSOLOV S.G. A generalized analysis of crystallization kinetics of amorphous alloys under is othermal and non-isothermal conditions 79
RUMSHINA T.A. Peculiarities of hydrogen diffusion in tense materials 87
OREL S.M., VASILJEV A.G., VLASENKO N.N., GOLTSOV V.A., FRUCHART D. Temperature dependence of activation energies for TbFe2 phase decomposition in hydrogen atmosphere 92
CHABANENKO V., D’YACHENKO A.I., RUSAKOV V.F., ZALUTSKII M.V., SZYMCZAK H., PIECHOTA S., NABIALEK A. Instability of critical state of hard superconductors 96
DROBOTKO V.F., KHOKHLOV V.A., KLIMANSKII S.O., LEVCHENKO G.G. Anomalous behaviour of the third harmonic of YBCO-film susceptibility at low fields 103
MOISEEVA T.N., YURCHENKO V.M. Kinetics of the phase transformations in the аmоrphоus alloy Fe84B16 108
DATSKO O.I., ALEKSEENKO V.I. The effects of unfluence of weak magnetic field on structural defects of the materials 112
KRIZHANOVSKI V.G., SHEVCHENKO I.N. Comparison of bipolar transistor models circuits applied to model transistor UHF power amplifiers 117

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