“PHPT”, Vol 8, №4


TSYMBAL L.T., DANSHIN N.K., CHERKASOV A.N. Complex experimental and theoretical magnetoacoustics study of magnetodielectrics and metals 5
BORGHARDT A.A., KARPENKO D.YA. The electrodynamics and field theory in the characteristic problem 16
BAZHIN A.I., TROTSAN A.I. Physical and chemical properties of fullerite films 24
ZAROCHENTSEV E.V., TROITSKAYA E.P., EREMEICHENKOVA YU.V. Filled bands shift of rare gas crystals under megabar pressures. The properties of crystals 28
KRIVORUCHKO V.N., PASHCHENKO V.P., PROHOROV A.D., KHARTSEV S.I., SZYMCZAK R., BARAN M., BERKOWSKI M. Magnetic and transport properties of La0,7Mn1,3O3-δ thin films 34
BELOGOLOVSKII М., GRAJCAR М., SEIDEL P. Energy gap anisotropy and tunneling spectroscopy of high-temperature superconductors 41
D’YACHENKO A.I. Linear background in the tunnel junction conductivity and a problem of the marginal Fermi-liquid 47
ARTEMOV A.N. Magnetic interaction of two-dimensional vortex with columnar defect in layered superconductor 53
TOKIY V., SAVINA D., TOKIY N., KONSTANTINOVA Т., VARYUKHIN V. The electronic structure and charge distribution in doped and undoped diamond and zirconia 56
DYAKONOV V.P., VASYUKOV V.N., AKSIMENTYEVA E.I., SHAPOVALOV V., SZYMCZAK G., PIECHOTA S. The formation mechanism of Fe3+ ion EPR spectrum in nitroso-β-naphtol 60
PASHCHENKO V.P., KRIVORUCHKO V.N., SHEMYAKOV A.A., SAVOSTA M.M., KHARTSEV S.I., CHERENKOV O.P., LOYKO A.D. Crystal lattice defects and properties of magnetoresistive manganite-lanthanum oxides with perovskite structure 65
SHEMYAKOV A.A. Hyperfine interactions at chromium nuclei in Li0,5Fe2,37Cr0,13O4 ferrite 70
SAVOSTA М.М., BORODIN V.A., NOVAK P., JIRAK Z., HEJTMANEK J., MARYSKO M. Character of charge carriers and nature of magnetic phase transition in mixed-valence ferromagnetic manganites: NMR study (abstract) 73
BEYGELZIMER YA.E., SPUSKANYUK A.V., VARYUKHIN V.N., EFROS B.M. A new approach to the simulation of plastic deformation of a polycrystalline aggregate 75
KONSTANTINOVA Т.Е. Bending mode of the metal alloy plastic deformation 85
TKATCH V.I. Crystallization of Fe80B20 alloy from liquid and amorphous states 91
OKUNEV V.D., PAFOMOV N.N. Negative differential resistance in lead telluride films 97
OKUNEV V.D., SAMOILENKO Z.A., D’YACHENKO T.A., ABAL’OSHEV O., GIERLOWSKI P., KLIMOV A., LEWANDOWSKI S.J. Optical transmission spectra and electronic structure of YBaCuO films 104
SAMOILENKO Z.A., OKUNEV V.D., PUSHENKO E.I., D’YACHENKO T.A., PAFOMOV N.N., ISAEV V.A., ABAL’OSHEV A., GIERLOWSKI P., KLIMOV A., LEWANDOWSKI S.J. Atomic order and electron properties of YBaCuO films obtained by laser sputtering 109
BUKHAN’KO F.N. Vortex-unbinding phase transition in the YBa2Cu3O6,9 ceramics 115
ABRAMOV V.S., BELOSHOV O.N., PROKOF’EVA L.N. Display of fractal properties of the relaxation process in metal glass 122
DATSKO O.J., MOROZ T.T. The effect of pulsed magnetic field on electrical resistance and thermal stability of amorphous Ni60Cr15Fe9Si8B8 alloy 126
BARILO S.N., DERKACHENKO V.N., MALYUK M.V., MILOSLAVSKY A.G. AND KHOKHLOV V.A. Coercivity and magnetic relaxation in terbium orthoferrite 128
SHAMAEV V.V., KORCHEMAGIN V.A., EDEMSKAYA E.N. Reconstruction of tectonical fields of deformations 131
KRIZHANOVSKI V.G., SHEVCHENKO I.N. Conditions to achieve maximum efficiency in the transistor UHF power amplifier with nonlinear operating mode 137
Author index 1998 141

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