“PHPT”, Vol 7, №3


BEYGELZIMER Y.E., SPUSKANYUK A.V., VARYUKHIN V.N., EFROS В.М. Study of polycrystal deformation using cellular automata 5
GUSAKOV G.V., GRISHIN A.M., ULYANOV A.N., FLODSTROM A., VENGALIS B. Structure changes of single- and double-phase Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O films under the thermocycling 12
KOVARSKY V.L, KUZNETSOVA V.V., KUZNETSOV A.YU. Four-component model of the order-disorder phase transition: KDy(WO4)2 in magnetic field 16
NOVICKOV V.V., JHAROVA O.V. Linear and nonlinear elastic properties of composite materials. The renormgroup approach 21
PASHCHENKO V.P., PROKOPENKO V.K., MIHAILENKO G.P., LOYKO A.D., ANDREEVA.V., KRAVTSOV E.G. High isostatic pressure influence on the structure and properties of ferrites 32
PRIMISLER V.B. Deformation strengthening at bending deformation 35
BARBASHOV V.I. Peculiarities of fracture of hydrostatically compressed crystals having the sphalerite lattice 41
BUT’KO V.G., VOLOSHIN V.A., GUSEV A.A., REZNIK I.M., SIBAROVA I.A. Pressure effect on vibronic spectra of CsPr(MoO4)2 46
EFROS B.M. Behaviour of noncompact materials at deformation under pressure 50
METLOV L.S., MOROZOV A.F. The initial stadium of growth of microcracks as the phase transition 58
BELOSHENKO V.A., KOZLOV G.V., KUZNETSOV E.N., STROGANOV I.V., STROGANOV V.F. Investigation of the structure of epoxy polymers modified by adamantane acids 62
MATROSOV N.I., SENNIKOVA L.F., PAVLOVSKAYA YE.A. Structural and technological aspects of the precision wire stabilization 72
LEVSHIN A.A., IVANOV V.M. Formation of damage zones at high-pressure Pipes 77
LYUTYI A.I., GOROBETS L.ZH.. DUBROVA S.B. Thermodynamic calculation of the critical pressure of substances and its application in engineering 81
METLOV L.S. Non-linear dynamics of the two dimensional lattice. Stochastization of waves 89
CHERNAI A. V. The obtaining of short loading pulses at laser blasting of explosive coating 98
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