“PHPT”, Vol 33, №2


UTYASHEV F.Z., SUKHORUKOV R.Y. Combination of axial and rotational deformations as a method of processing of ultra-fine grain semifabricated products made of heat-resistant alloys 5
METLOV L.S. Condition of weak tetragonality in order-disorder phase transitions by the example of the Fe3Al alloy 16
PROKHOROV А.А., MINIKAEV R., PROKHOROV А.D. Jahn-Teller effect and ligand superfine structure of the Cu2+ ion in the crystals of EuAl3(BO3)4 and YAl3(BO3)4 27
CHERVINSKII D.А., KHRISTOV А.V., SHELEST V.V. Different formulations of Grüneisen relation 40
RYBALKA А.Ye., RUMYANTSEV V.V., FEDOROV S.А., GUMENNIK К.V., MISHCHENKO A.V. Dependence of density of states of exciton-like excitations on the defect concentration in a non-ideal chain of micropores 61
BELICHKO D.R., VOLKOVA G.К., KONSTANTINOVA Т.Ye., MALETSKII А.V. Effect of zirconia-based ceramics doping by silicon oxide and aluminum oxide 69
NIKOLAENKO Yu.M., BUTKO V.G., GUSEV A.A., EFROS N.B. Energy aspect of defect formation in thin films of La0.8Sr0.2MnO3+d 80
DROBOTKO V.F., MYASNIKOVA L.P., BORZENKO А.P., MARIKHIN V.A., BOIKO Yu.M., TKACHENKO V.M., MAKMAK I.M., PIS’MENOVA N.E., RADOVANOVA E.I., TEREKHOV S.A. Two-stage method for obtaining high-strength UHMWPE tapes by solid-phase forming 86
GREBNEVA H.A. Model of formation of hot and cold spots of ultraviolet mutagenesis in a segment of double-stranded DNA molecule of the supF gene 101
ТARYANIK N.V., VARYUKHIN D.V., SOLENYI V.N. Testing of characteristics of weak-magnetic constructional materials 112

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