“PHPT”, Vol 28, №4


URBANOVICH V.S., SHIPILO N.V., JAWORSKA L., CYGAN S., ROSMUS M., MATOVIC B., GRIGORIEV S.V., NISS V.S. Effect of the degree of dispersion of boron carbide powder and the modes of sintering under high pressure on the microstructure and the properties of the ceramics produced 5
EFROS B.M., GLADKOVSKI S.V., TYTENKO V.S., EFROS N.B. Effect of barothermomechanical treatment on phase composition, structure and properties of the metastable Fe–Mn steels 16
DROBOT’KO F.V., VARYUKHIN V.N., BUKIN G.V., SOKOLOV S.A., GOLOVINOV V.P. Effect of conditions of extraction by super-high pressure on the yield of oil of tree primrose 22
KASYAN N.N., PETRENKO Yu.A., STARIKOV G.P. Features of the mechanism of formation of the load on a timber in deep mines 39
TARASENKO T.N., RADYUSH Yu.V., YANUSHKEVICH K.I. Coexistence of ferromagnetic and charge inhomogeneities in Pr1–xCaxMnO3 (х = 0.15–0.3) within the paramagnetic temperature range 50
VASILIEV S.V., PARFENIY V.I., TSVETKOV T.V., TKATCH V.I. Relation between the characteristics of transient behavior of the crystal nucleation in metal glasses 66
NIKOLAENKO Yu.M., BURKHOVETSKII V.V., KORNEEVETS A.S., EFROS N.B., RESHIDOVA I.Yu. On accuracy of estimation of the thickness
of the LSMO epitaxial films by SEM images of the transversal chipping of film structures
SHELEST V.V., CHERVINSKII D.A. Application of calculation of exterior differential forms to thermodynamics. II. Relations between thermodynamic coefficients derived from calculation of external differential forms 83
MALASHENKO V.V., MALASHENKO T.I. Dynamic interaction of structural defects in metals and alloys under exposure of laser pulses 108
GALINSKY M.K., RUMYANTSEV V.V. Formation of three-dimensional interference pattern of laser source radiation 114
BOUTKO V.G., GUSEV A.A. Width of the forbidden gap in chiral carbon nanotubes 122

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