“PHPT”, Vol 28, №3


MELNIKOVA N.V., MARENKIN S.F., SAIPULAEVA L.A., TEBEN’KOV A.V., SUKHANOVA G.V., ALIBEKOV A.G., ZAKHVALINSKY V.S., GADJIALIEV M.M., MOLLAEV A.Yu. Relaxation effects in the Cd3As2 + 44.7 mass% MnAs composite under high pressures 5
GRIBANOV I.F., GOLOVCHAN A.V., ZAPOROZHETS V.D., KAMENEV V.I., KLISCHENKO L.D., KOLEDOV V.V., MITYUK V.I., SIVACHENKO A.P. Effect of thermal pre-history on the baric features of phase transitions in magnetocaloric alloys Mn1–xCrxNiGe 13
KHACHATUROVA T.A., VLASENKO A.Yu. Pressure effect on the differential conductance of tunnel junctions with a ferromagnetic electrode 24
TEREKHOV S.A., BEREZHNAYA L.V., MAKMAK I.M., FILIMONOV G.G. Pressure effect of on the magnetism of molecule-like compounds 31
STARIKOV G.P., SHAZHKO Ya.V., HYDOLEY O.G., KRAVCHENKO A.V. Methodical bases of determination of pressure and gas content of coal beds 40
METLOV L.S., PETRENKO A.G. Dynamical and relaxation equations for magnetic and structural phase transitions 46
SHELEST V.V., KHRISTOV A.V., CHERVINSKII D.A. Features of anharmonicity effect on the stability of the equilibrium state of a homogeneous
system in view of thermodynamics concept
TEREKHOV S.V., LIMANOVSKY A.I. «Phase of emptiness» and blurred phase transition 65
KRASNYUK I.B. Wave packets of turbulent type in nonlinear boundary problems of quantum mechanics 75
DRIPAN P.S., SHAZHKO Y.V. Mathematical model of dynamic setting of an anchor in the directing hole of a smaller diameter, bored in a rock massif 98
VARYUKHIN D.V., POSTOL P.N. Support settings for cryogenic containers in cryostats 108
FEDYUK D.O., VARYUKHIN D.V., TARYANIK N.V. Superconducting magnetic system characterized by homogeneous magnetic field 113

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