“PHPT”, Vol 11, №3


VARYUKHIN V.N., SPUSKANYUK V.Z., MATROSOV N.I., DUGADKO A.B., SENNIKOVA L.F., MEDVEDSKAYA E.A. Influence of the size effect on peculiarities of strain hardening in nanocomposite 7
LEVCHENKO G.G., SHELEST V.V., KHRISTOV A.V. On temperature- and pressure-induced low spin – high spin crossover states in high-molecular compounds of transition metals 16
BRITUN V.F., KURDYUMOV A.V. Analysis of the effect of compression conditions on the martensitic transformations of graphite into lonsdaleite and diamond 34
DOVGII V.I., LINNIK A.I., DAVYDEIKO N.V., ASTAF’YEVA T.G. The influence of pressure on magnetic anisotropy of epitaxial ferrite-garnet films 43
BELOSHENKO V.A., BORZENKO A.P., ZAIKA T.P., PASHINSKAYA E.G. Evolution of the epoxy polymer-thermoexpanded graphite composite structure under the shape memory effect realization 54
VARYUKHIN V.N., PASHINSKAYA E.G., SYNKOV V.G., SYNKOV S.G., DOMAREVA A.S., GONTAR A.G., TKACH V.N. On a possibility of manufacturing composite Ti-AL by the method of packet hydropressing 61
SPUSKANYUK V.Z., DUGADKO A.B., MATROSOV N.I., YANCHEV A.I. Differential consideration of the degree of fibrous-composite matrix material deformation 69
CHIGRINOVA N.M., OKATOVA G.P. Peculiarities of structure formation in layered composite materials obtained under high pressure 76
ZAKHAROV V.S., NAZIMKO V.V. A new approach for determination of closure in an underground roadway exposed to variable level of ground pressure 86
CHERNAY A.V., SOBOLEV V.V., ILIYSHIN M.A., CHERNAY V.A., SHARABURA A.D. The loading of materials by plane shock waves by the laser initiation method of explosive compositions 94
TSYMBAL L.T., CHERKASOV.N., PANCHENKO O.F. Criterion determining the character of collective modes coupling in solids 101
ARTEMOV A.N., GRISHIN A.M., ZINOVUK A.V., MEDVEDEV YU.V., NIKOLAENKO YU.M. Kosterlitz-Thouless instability in YBCo film 110
METLOV L.S. Soliton organization of thermal field in a chain at high temperature 121
KONAKOVA I.P., SHISHKOVA N.V., EFROS B.M., TYUTENKO V.S. Hot hydropressing effect on structure and properties of metal matrix composites 128

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