Institute structure

of State Budgetary Institution
«Galkin Donetsk Institute for Physics and Engineering»

Now the structure of SBI Donetsk Institute for Physics and Engineering includes 7 research departments, 2 research and auxiliary departments, 15 auxiliary and other units.

I. Administration

  1. Director
  2. Director’s advisor
  3. Vice-director in scientific work
  4. Vice-director in general issues
  5. Scientific secretary

II. Research departments

  1. Department of phase transformations
  2. Department of magnetic and resonance properties of solids
  3. Department of high-pressure physics and advanced technologies
  4. Department of theory of electronic and kinetic properties of non-linear systems
  5. Department of electronic properties of metals
  6. Department of theory of dynamical properties of complex systems
  7. Department of physics and diagnostic of advanced materials

III. Auxiliary research departments

  1. Department of scientific and technical information
  2. Metrology department

IV. Auxiliary divisions

  1. Planning department
  2. Scientific library
  3. Editorial staff of HPPT
  4. Scientific and technical archive
  5. Accounts department
  6. Personnel department
  7. Administrative support office
  8. Department of logistical and technical support
  9. Maintenance department
  10.  Transport service
  11. Fire prevention service
  12. Occupational safety service
  13. Civil defence staff office
  14. General service department
  15. Security service