Specialized scientific council

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Date: February 20, 14-00 Place:
Conference Room


1. Admission of the thesis to the defense for candidate of science degree in physics and mathematics SIDOROV Sergiy Leonidovych  (DonIPE of NASU) ”Fluctuations of paraconductivity and spectrum of elementary excitations in the two-dimensional systems”, speciality 01.04.07 – solid state physics.

2. DEFENSE of the thesis for the candidate scientific degree in physics and mathematics ZABOLOTIN Andriy Evgenovych  (DonIPE of NASU)
Optical and magneto-optical properties of one-dimensional photonic crystals with defects”, speciality 01.04.11 – magnetism.

Supervisor: Doctor of science in physics and mathematics, senior researcher DADOENKOVA Natalija  Mykolaivna, Leading Researcher of the Department of Electronic and Kinetic Features of Nonlinear Systems of DonIPE of NASU.

Official opponents:
– Doctor of science in physics and mathematics, professor TARAPOV Sergiy Ivanovych, Head of the Radiospectroscopy Department, Usikov Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics of NASU;

– Doctor of science in physics and mathematics, professor KUCHKO Andriy  Mykolajovych, Vice-rector for Academic Affairs and International Relations, Head of Theoretical and Mathematical Physics Department, Faculty of Physics and Technology, Donetsk National University.

Everybody is invited.