“HPPT”, Vol 22, №3


SHELEST V.V., KHRISTOV A.V., KUZNETSOVA V.V. Some aspects of thermodynamics of stability in functional representation 7
ZHURAVLEV A.V., DRAGUNOV I.E. Four-spin complex with anisotropic planar exchange interaction 31
MALASHENKO V.V. Impurity effect on the dynamic yield point of nanomaterials 47
NADTOCHY V.A., UKOLOV A.I., NECHVOLOD N.K. Nanostructure formation in Ge under dislocation-surface diffusion 54
KHACHATUROV А.I., BLOSHCHITSKII V.P., KHACHATUROVA Т.А. Pressure effect on the differential conductance of tunnel junctions with the ferromagnetic electrode 63
TEREKHOV S.A., BUKIN G.V., LEVCHENKO G.G., GASPAR A.B., REAL J.A. Pressure-induced Spin Transition at room temperature in 2D co-ordination compounds Fe(3-Clpy)2Pd(CN)4 69
DZENZERSKY V.A., BASHEV V.F., TARASOV S.V., KAZACHA Y.I., EFIMENKO A.Y., IVANOV V.A. Investigation of microstructure and mechanical properties of the Pb−Sn−Ca strip, obtained by quenching from the liquid state 79
BEREZHNAYA L.V., KRASNYAKOVA T.V., ZHIKHAREV I.V., LEVCHENKO G.G. pressure Effect on the magnetic properties of the Cu2(OH)3(C10H21CO2)mH2O layered magnetic 87
MAGOMEDOV M.N. On the self-diffusion in a crystal of iron under high pressure 97
PASHINSKAYA E.G., ZAVDOVEEV A.V. Use of rolling with shear and traditional drawing for formation of structure and properties of low-carbon steels 113
DOVGII V.T., LINNIK A.I., KAMENEV V.I., TARENKOV V.YU., SIDOROV S.L., TODRIS B.M., MIKHAYLOV V.I., DAVYDEIKO N.V., LINNIK T.A. Peculiarities of magnetic, electrical properties and magnetic inhomogeneous state of single crystal Nd0.5Sr0.5MnO3 125
BUKHANKO F.N. Phase transformations in the La1−yPryMnO3+δ (0 ≤ y 1) manganites 134

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