“HPPT”, Vol 22, №2


METLOV L.S., VARYUKHIN V.N. Modelling of strengthening laws in the course of SPD of solids by non-equilibrium evolution thermodynamics. I. Parameter dependences 7
TEREKHOV S.V. Universality of synergetic laws. II. Interphase 22
TROITSKAYA E.P., CHABANENKO V.V., ZHIKHAREV I.V., GORBENKO Ie.Ie., PILIPENKO E.A. Quadrupole interaction in lattice dynamics of compressed rare-gas crystals in the model of deformable atoms. 2. Elastic properties and Cauchy relation of compressed neon crystal 37
BOICHENKO V.A., D’YACHENKO A.I., TARENKOV V.Yu. Spectroscopy of minor states in nanojunctions with manganites 54
VELIKODNYI A.N. Features of changes of superconducting transition temperature and residual resistance of the Mo-based alloys under pressure 61
MELNIK T.N., KRASNYUK I.B., TARANETS R.M., YURCHENKO V.M. Surface-induced self-similar space-time structures in high-temperature type-II superconductors 70
VOVK R.V., NAZIROV Z.F., PETRENKO A.G., KHOTKEVICH V.V., ROSHKO S. Effect of structure relaxation on the temperature dependence of a pseudogap in the YВа2Сu3О7–δ single crystals with varied oxygen content 88
DEMCHUK V.B., KOLUPAEV B.B., KLEPKO V.V., LEBEDEV E.V. Effect of external magnetic field on intrinsic pressure of PVC magnetite system 95
EFROS N.B., KORSHUNOV L.G., EFROS B.M., DAVIDENKO A.A., VARYUKHIN V.N. Local strength of nanocrystal structures of friction surfaces of high-nitrogenous austenitic alloys 110
VOZNYAK Yu.V. Effect of the deformation route on the properties of polytetrafluoroethylene after equal channel angular extrusion 118
NADUTOV V.M., VASCHUK D.L., VOLOSEVICH P.Yu., BELOSHENKO V.A., SPUSKANYUK V.Z., DAVIDENKO A.A. Structure and properties of the invar fcc alloy of Fe−35% Ni after combined plastic deformation by hydroextrusion and drawing 125

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