“HPPT”, Vol 21, №3


KOSHTOVNY R.I., OREL S.M. Calculation of 3d 2-ion spin states in the field of point charges 7
LOKTIONOV I.K. The application of the equation of state of onecomponent systems with the modified Yukawa potentials to studying some thermal properties of simple substances 14
BARBASHOVA G.A., DEMIDENKO L.Yu., POLOVINKA V.D., TERTILOV R.V. Mathematical modeling of hydrodynamic processes in welding by high-speed impact 27
VOVK R.V., NAZIROV Z.F., PETRENKO A.G. Transversal conductivity and pseudogap in the Y1–zPrzBa2Cu3O7–δ single crystals with different praseodymium content 34
CHRISTOV A.V., SHELEST V.V. High-spin–low-spin transitions in supramolecular metalliferous complex compounds: phase transformations of a special type 39
BOYLO I.V., TARANETS R.M. Elastically deformed vortex lattice in high-temperature type-II superconductors 53
KHOKHLOV V.A., PROKHOROV A.Yu., PASHCHENKO A.V., MEDVEDEV Yu.V., NIKOLAENKO Yu.M., MUKHIN A.B., BUKIN G.V., SOLIN N.I., LOSHKAREVA N.N., MOSTOVSCHIKOVA E.V. Thermal treatment effect on electrical and optical properties of the Nd0.52Sr0.48MnO3–δ films 63
PROKHOROV I.Yu., SCHERBAKOVA L.G., AKIMOV G.Ya., SOLONIN Yu.M. High pressure activation of hydride forming intermetallide powders 72
GABELKOV S.V., TARASOV R.V., MIRONOVA A.G., KRYSHTAL A.P. Behaviour of pore channel and closed pores at sintering of tetragonal zirconia produced from amorphous powder 80
URBANOVICH V.S., KOPYLOV A.V., ANDRIEVSKII R.A., KUZNETSOV D.A., YAWORSKA L., KLIMCZYK P., NOKHRIN A.V. Highpressure and temperature effect on the structure and the properties of nano-crystal titanium nitride 94
USOV V.V., SHKATULYAK N.M., BRYUKHANOV P.A., BEYGELZIMER Ya.Ye. Texture formation in metals and alloys with a cubic lattice at twist extrusion 102
GLUKHOVA Zh.L., LUBIMENKO E.N., GOLTSOV V.A. Experimental investigation of the hydrogen-induced shape change of plates made of palladium and α-PdHx palladium alloys 110
VASILJEV A.G. Hydrogen pressure effect on the phase decomposition rate in the terfenol-D type intermetallic compound 119
ALEXEEV A.D., VASILENKO T.A., KIRILLOV A.K., MOLCHANOV A.N., TROITSKY G.A., VISHNYAKOV A.V., PICHKA T.V. Content of free and sorberd methane in the structure of anthracite at different pressures 126

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