“FTVD”, Vol 20, №2


KOSHTOVNY R.I., OREL S.M. Coaxial conducting composite in quasistationary magnetic field 7
TROITSKAYA E.P., CHABANENKO V.V., ZHIKHAREV I.V., GORBENKO IE.IE., PYLYPENKO K.O. Ab initio theory of many-body interaction in short-range repulsive potential 15
BUKIN G.V., TEREKHOV S.A., GASPAR A.B., REAL J.A., LEVCHENKO G.G. High spin–low spin transition in organo-metallic structures of 2D hofman-type Fe(3-Fpy)2М(CN)4 under pressure 31
PASHCHENKO А.V. Effect of superstoichiometric manganese on structure and magnetoresistive properties of manganite perovskites (Pr0.7Sr0.3)1–xMn1+xO3±δ 42
KALANDA N.А., DEMYANOV S.E., KRUPA N.N., PETROV A.V., SVITO I.A. Characteristic features of phase transformations in the process of growth of Sr2FeMoO6–δ double perovskite 52
STEFANOVICH L.I., TEREKHOVA J.V., YURCHENKO V.M. The influence of concentration dependence of mobility on the spinodal decomposition of glasses 63
BARBASHOV V.I., TIMCHENKO V.M. , NESOVA E.V. Effect of the La2O3 dopants on conductivity of ZrO2–Sc2O3–CeO2 system 74
MASLOV V.V., NOSENKO V.K., TKATCH V.I., SEGIDA E.A., ZELINSKAYA G.M., NAZARENKO A.A. Influence of melt temperature on structure, thermal stability and microhardness of the amorphous Al87Ni8La5 alloy 80
D’YACHENKO A.I., BOYCHENKO V.A., TARENKOV V.YU. Reflection of strong electron correlations in tunnel spectrum of junctions with manganites 91
GRIBANOV I.F. Variation of local magnetic moments in MnAs under pressure. Magnetovolume analysis 97
STOLYAROV V.V. Mechanical properties and deformation behavior of ultrafine-grained and nanostructured alloys 105
DERYAGIN А.I., EFROS B.M., ZAVALISHIN V.A., SAGARADZE V.V., EFROS N.B., КUZNETSOV А.R., VARYUKHIN V.N. Mechano-induced atomic segregation in Fe–Cr–Ni alloys under severe plastic deformation 115
BABUN A.V., VASIL’EV A.A., KOVTUN K.V., STAROLAT M.P., STETSENKO S.P., TREMBACH O.V., HOVRICH S.V. Severe plastic deformation of beryllium: structure and mechanical properties 133
ALEXEEV A.D., VASILENKO T.А., KIRILLOV A.K., MOLCHANOV A.N., TROITSKY G.A., DONCHUK A.V. Modification of dynamical parameters of water in pore volume of fossil coals depending on temperature 143

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