“FTVD”, Vol 17, №3


KOSHTOVNY R.I., OREL S.M. The computation of variable magnetic field distribution in the conductive fibrous length-limited composite 7
TROITSKAYA E.P., CHABANENKO V.V., GORBENKO E.E., KUZOVOY N.V. Zero-point energy in compressed crystals of the Ne−Xe series 14
BELETSKAYA O.E., BASHEV V.F., KUTSEVA N.A., DOTSENKO F.F., RYABTSEV S.I. Phase composition and physical properties of Al−Nb and Al−Ta films obtained by ion-plasma sputtering 27
VASYLENKO T.A. Influence of pore size on parameters of NMR spectra of methane and water sorbed on silica gels 38
GOKHFELD V.M. Nonequilibrium magnetization of degenerate electron gas 43
LYSENKO A.B., KRAVETS O.L., BORISOVA G.V. Modeling of microstructure parameters of rapidly solidified metals 52
SMIRNOV L.I., SHCHEGOLEVA T.A. The solubility of hydrogen and other two-atomic gases in the metals at high pressures 63
METLOV L.S. Thermodynamics of severe influences on a substance 71
VOVK R.V., OBOLENSKII M.A., BONDARENKO A.V., GOULATIS I.L., CHRONEOS A.I. 2D−3D crossover of the in-plane paraconductivity in optimal doped ReBa2Cu3O7−δ (Re = Y, Ho) single crystals 83
RAAB G.I. Development of severe plastic deformation method to obtain long-sized nanostructured titanium semiproducts 89
LAPTEV A.M., V′YAL E.YU. Influence of die configuration on stress and strain at equal-channel angular pressing 97
BELOUSOV N.N., VENGEROV I.R., PASHINSKAYA E.G. Thermal and physical aspects in preparation and application of deformed nanomaterials. I. A short review 103
MATROSOV N.I., PAVLOVSKAYA E.A., SENNIKOVA L.F., MEDVEDSKAYA E.A., CHISHKO V.V., SHEVCHENKO B.A. High nonmonotonic deformations of NbTi alloy: realization, structure and properties 121
PASHINSKAYA E.G., TOLPA A.A., VARYUKHIN V.N., STOLYAROV V.V. Study of structure heredity for wire rod produced from steel 70 by hot rolling with shear followed by annealing and cold strain 126
VYSOTSKY E.N. Technological features of production of largedimensional articles from cast tin bronze 137
SYNKOV S.G. Combined deformation of copper 143
PROKOF’EVA O.V. Determination of channel height for twist extrusion die 147

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