“FTVD”, Vol 15, №3


TROITSKAYA E.P., CHABANENKO V.V., GORBENKO E.E. Elementary oscillations in inert-gas crystals. 3. Phonon frequencies of compressed crystals 7
BUT’KO V.G., VOLOSHIN V.A., GUSEV A.A. Changes in the electron density of EuO under high pressure-induced structural phase transition 23
METLOV L.S. Shock excitation of elastic waves under low and high pressures 26
SOBOLEV V.V., USHERENKO S.M., CHOY K.Y. To the problem of destabilization of service parameters of aircrafts control system during long flights 41
TEREKHOV S.V. A continual-lattice model of multicomponent systems 47
GLUKHOVA Zh.L., GLUKHOV A.A. On the algorithm of calculation of hydrogen concentration fields in palladium plates under one-sided saturation with hydrogen 63
BRYTUN V.F., KURDYUMOV A.V., BORIMCHUK N.I., YAROSH V.V. The estimation of P,T conditions realized in cylindrical ampoule under high-temperature shock compression of boron nitride 71
BOKHANOV B.B., VAS’KOV D.G., KMETS R., KRUCK R., MAKOVETSKY G.I., SEVERIN G.M., SHIPILO V.B., YANUSHKEVICH K.I. Magnetic composites containing the diamond modification of carbon and the ferric carbide synthesized from nanodimensional powders ~ 30%Fe70%C under pressure 84
OBOLENSKII M.A., VOVK R.V., BONDARENKO A.V., SAMOILOV A.V. Some features of compression changes in superconducting properties of quasi-two-dimensional compounds based on yttrium and niobium diselenide of different degree of deviation from stoichiometry 89
VARYUKHIN V.N., DYACHENKO T.A., OKUNEV V.D., PAFOMOV N.N., PLEKHOV A.L., SHEMCHENKO E.I. Influence of clusters with metallic conductivity on electrical and optical properties of amorphous a-C〈N〉 thin films 100
STEFANOVICH L.I., SUBBOTIN A.A. Nonequilibrium thermodynamics of the Cu−Au system alloys of arbitrary stoichiometry 117
KOSSE A.I., PROKHOROV A.Yu., KHOKHLOV V.A., SHATALOVA G.Ye., PIS’MENOVA N.Ye., SEMENOV A.V., CHERNOMORETS M.P., KOVALCHUK D.G., LEVCHENKO G.G. Peculiarities of the magneticfield dependence of critical current of the YBa2Cu3O7−δ films prepared by laser ablation on SrTiO3 substrates 131
VYSOTSKY E.N. Research of stress concentrator, got by different ways, at breaking of rolled metal by bending 138
Academician V.G. Baryachtar – the founder of theoretical school for magnetism at DonPhTI named after A.A. Galkin, NAS of Ukraine 148
Mature age. To the 40-th anniversary of Donetsk Physics and Technology Institute named after A.A. Galkin, NAS of Ukraine 152

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