“PHPT”, Vol 14, №3


TROITSKAYA E.P., CHABANENKO V.V., GORBENKO E.E. Elementary oscillations in inert-gas crystals. 2. Phonon frequencies of compressed neon crystal 7
KHACHATUROV A.I. Features of electron tunneling into low Fermi energy conductors under pressure 25
MALASHENKO V.V. Influence of real dimensions of point defects on dynamic interaction with dislocations 31
KRIVOSHEYEV Y.M., PETRENKO A.G. Ion implantation as a way of controlling optical properties of some phosphors 37
NADTOCHY V.A., NECHVOLOD N.K., GOLODENKO N.N. Changes in lifetime of charge carriers and in Ge defective subsurface layer conductivity at thermal treatment 42
DANILENKO I.A., KONSTANTINOVA T.E., VOLKOVA G.K., GLAZUNOVA V.A., DOROSHKEVICH A.S. Effect of microwave and pulsed magnetic field on crystallization of zirconia 49
BEYGELZIMER YA.E., EFROS B.M., PROKOF′EVA O.V. Grain refinement and failure of metallic materials under severe plastic deformations: preconditions for modelling 58
VARYUKHIN V.N., PASHINSKAYA E.G., BELOUSOV N.N., TKACHENKO V.M. Influence of initial structural state on formation of structure and properties of composite copper alloy under twist pressing 74
EFROS N.B., PILYUGIN V.P., EFROS B.M., PATSELOV A.M., CHERNYSHEV E.G., LOLADZE L.V. Influence of severe plastic deformation under pressure on structure, phase composition and strength properties of chromium-nickel stainless steels 82
BAGLYUK G.A., KUZMENKO N.N. Hot deformation of heat-proof titanic alloy with intermetallic hardening 90
PETRUSHCHAK S.V., MARCHUK S.I., PASHINSKAYA E.G., IVANOV S.A., TISHCHENKO I.I. Effect of heat treatment on structure and mechanical properties of fibrous TI−AL composite produced by packet hydropressing 98
ALEXEEV A.D., FELDMAN E.P., VASILENKO T.A., MOLCHANOV A.N., KALUGINA N.A. Methane mass transfer in coal due to filtering combined with diffusion 107
VARYUKHIN V.N., BELOUSOV N.N. Inelastic phenomena and structural-kinetic changes in high-nitrogen steel austenite after extreme plastic deformation 119

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