“PHPT”, Vol 14, №1


BOUTKO V.G., VOLOSHIN V.A., GUSEV A.A., SHEVTSOVA T.N. Effect of superhigh pressure on Sm2O3 7
LEVCHENKO G.G., KHRISTOV A.V., KSENOFONTOV V., GARCIA Y., GÜTLICH P. High spin−low spin phase transition in Fe(Phen)2(NCS)2 under pressure 16
ASADOV S.K., VAL’KOV V.I., ZAVADSKII E.A., KAMENEV V.I., TODRIS B.M. Pressure effect on magnetic field-induced phase transitions in alloys of the Fea−xMnxAs system for a ≤ 1.6 24
MOLLAEV A.YU. Electronic transport phenomena in binary and ternary semiconductors in a range of the polymorphous transformation at high pressure. (Review) 34
LYSENKO A.B., BORISOVA G.V., KRAVETS O.L. Calculation of the cooling rate under quenching of alloys from liquid state 44
RYABICHEVA L.A., KRAVTSOVA YU.V. A model of porous bodies deformation taking into account the rate sensitivity 54
BUSOV V.L. On relationship of contributions from deforming-stress components for fragmented polycrystals 62
NAKHAICHUK O.V. Investigation of the mechanics of flat stamp introduction into rigid-plastic material by using the finite-element method 71
DERYAGIN A.I., EFROS B.M., ZAVALISHIN V.A., SYROPYATOVA YU.V., EFROS N.B. Effect of the Bridgman anvils material on magnetic properties of samples of paramagnetic metals and alloys subjected to shearing strain under pressure 79
Pashinskaya E.G., Marchuk I.V., Tolpa A.A., Maksakov A.I. A comparative analysis of changes in structure and properties of aluminium alloy after rolling by standard and T-D technologies 84
BELYAYEVA A.I., KOLOMYETS S.N. Multilayer polymer-crystalline cutoff and band pass interference systems 96
SYNKOV V.G. Comparison of the stressed−strained state of dies under hydrostatic extrusion and drawing 109

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