“PHPT”, Vol 7, №4


EFROS B.M., KONAKOVA L.P., GLADKOVSKII S.V., TYUTENKO V.S., LOLADZE L.V., ZAIKA T.P., VARYUKHIN V.N. Influence of the thermoplastic treatment conditions on deformation resistance, mechanical properties and crack resistance of cobalt-free maraging steels 5
KHYZHUN O.YU., ZAULYCHNY YA.V., DOBROVOLSKY V.D. X-Ray emission and аbsоrption spectra of substoichiometric tantalum nitrides synthesized at high pressure 24
SHULGIN G.M. Investigation of longitudinal fission of two-stream feed at rolls by controlled breakage 33
PRYMAK T.YE. Exchange surface polaritons near the II order phase-induced transition in α-Fe2О3 46
EFROS B.M. Homogenization of the heterogeneous material defect structure at deformation under pressure 53
CHERNAI A.V. On the mechanism of ignition of initiating explosives by laser monopulse 60
METLOV L.S., MOROZOV A.F. Mechanical and mixed models of rock with feedback 69
LEVSHIN A.A., IVANOV V.M., KOSENKO Z.I., ZIMA N.YE. Estimation of the plastic deformation zone at apex of a crack of normal rupture in high-pressure pipe-line 77
KHAPILOVA N.S. Stressed-strained state of elastic half-space with the punched elastic basis with plasticity zones taken into account 84
PETRENKO A.G. Magnetic field effect on the formation of crystal phase in soda-lime glasses 88
MATROSOV N.I., SENNIKOVA L.F., DUGADKO A.B., CHERNYSHEV V.A. Influence of the regimes of combined gauging – stabilization process on properties of high-carbon wire 93
KRAVETS P.I. Models of the temperature-field dynamics at high-pressure apparatus for synthesis of superhard materials 101
KOZLOV G.V., BELOUSOV V.N., MIKITAEV A.K. On a possibility of shear deformation realization in central section of massive polymer samples 107
REVVA V.N. Estimation of roof stability in the vicinity of a working 114
FEDIN M.V., ANTSIFEROV A.V., KAMBUROVA L.A., TIRKEL M.G. Estimation of accuracy of refraction technique solution for gradient profiles of South sea coast of Crimea 117
ANTSIFEROV A.V., TIRKEL M.G., FEDIN M.V., KAMBUROVA L.A. Determination of the divergence function for refraction wave 120

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