“PHPT”, Vol 7, №2


70-th anniversary of Editor-in-chief EDVALD A. ZAVADSKII 5
LEVITAS V.I. Does plastic shear affect the phase transitions under compression of materials in bridgman anvils? New theoretical study 9
TROITSKAYA E.P., CHABANENKO V.V. Electron-topological insulator-metal transition in crystal neon at high pressures 15
VYZHOL YU.A., GRODNOV V.M., MULENKO I.A., KHOMKIN A.L. Thermodynamic properties of the metal vapour plasma at high pressure 26
SHEMYAKOV А.A. 17O NMR in ferrite spinels 42
BABICH V.M., KIRITSA V.L. Use of the uniaxial deformation to determine properties of oxygen and oxygen thermal donors in silicium crystals 53
KOVARSKY V.L. Nonequilibrium potential for Geisenberg and Potts models in different approximations 69
ZABLOTSKII V.A., MAMALUI YU.A., SOIKA E.N. The equilibrium spiral domain structures in thin ferrite-garnet films 74
LAMONOVA K.V., MAMALUI YU.A. A theoretical description of the domain structure of thin uniaxial ferrite-garnet films 82
MILOSLAVSKII A.G., SYNTSOV N.V. Deffective structure and centres of luminescence of the zinc-sulphide luminophors 94
PRIKHNA T.A. Thermobarical treatment of high pressure temperature superconductors 104
PRIKHNA T.A. Structural and phase variations of МеВа2Сu3O7-δ (Me = Y, La, Nd, Gd, Sm, Eu) ceramics as a result of high pressure-high temperature effect 109
BUZHINSKY S.A., DERKACHENKO E.V., DERKACHENKO V.N., KAMENEV V.I. Influence of crystal-structure rhombic distortions on spin-reorientation transitions in holmium orthoferrite 117
METLOV L.S. Packet interpretation of lattice dynamics 123
EFROS В.М. Deformation transitions in metastable systems under pressure 129
REVVA V.N. Temperature effect on the limiting state of rock mass in the vicinity of a working 133
LYUTYI A.I., GOROBETS L.ZH., DUBROVA S.B. On thermodynamic characteristics of the critical state of substances 137
LEVSHIN A.A., MANUILENKO R.I., FEDOTOV S.N. Stressed-strained state of the rock mass at developing mineral resources seam with partial stabilization of worked-out area 143

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