“PHPT”, Vol 6, №1


DYACHENKO A.I. On failure of textured YBCO-ceramic materials in the strong magnetic field 5
ZAVOROTNEV Yu.D., MEDVEDEVA L.I. Possible phase transitions in the trigonal-structure crystals 14
MAMALUI YU.A., SOJKA E.N. Evolution of unregular magnetic bubble structures of ferrite-garnet films at the temperature and magnetic field changes 24
LAMONOVA K.V., MAMALUI YU.A., SIRYUK YU.A. Spiral domains in ferrite-garnet thin films 33
BEIGELZIMER Ya.E., KONSTANTINOVA Т.Е., PRIMISLER V.B. Rheological models of the mezoscopic level of plastic deformation 41
BARBASHOV V.I., TKACHENKO YU.B. The influence of surface-active substances on plasticity and strength of hydrostatically compressed crystals 46
LEVSHIN A.A., VELICHKO P.M., REWA V.N. Investigation of the normal and transverse deformation of the rock anisotropic mass 55
BELOSHENKO V.A., VARYUKHIN V.N., ZAIKA T.P., SKIBA S.I., SHELUDCHENKO V.I. Properties of the cross-linked polymers and polymer compositions deformed by the solid-phase extrusion 65
KOZLOV G.V., SANDITOV D.S., MIKITAEV A.K. The anharmonicity of the interatomic bonds and inelastic deformation of glassy polymers 71
GAZAEV M.A., KOZLOV G.V., MILMAN L.D., MIKITAEV A.K. The turbulent character of the cold flow of amorphous glassy polymers 76
CHIGRINOVA N.M., CHIGRINOV V.E. Studying the role of microblasting in the process of directional formation of titanium, type BT1-0, structure and properties 83

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