“PHPT”, Vol 4, №2


LYSENKO A.V., SHUL’MAN L.A., PUGACH E.A. Barothermal peculiarities of graphite-diamond direct transformation 5
IGNATEVA T.A., VELIKODNYI A.N. Electron-topological transitions in the Mo-Re, Mo-Re-Nb systems 10
OGORODNIKOV V.V. Analytical derivation and analysis of universal E(V)- and P(V)-state equation for solids 15
METLOV L.S., ZAROCHENTSEV E.P. Nonlinear effects at sound propagation in condensed media. II. Heuristic description of wave propagation 25
KONSTANTINOVA T.E., LYAFER E.L., SYGAEV V.N., GOROKH A.V., POTAPOV G.A., VOLKOVA G.K. Influence of the hydrostatic compaction pressure on the properties of sintered glass ceramic 44
DOMAREVA A.S., DOBRIKOV A.A., EFROS B.M., BEIGELZIMER Ya.E., SHISHKOVA N.V., LABINSKAYA N.G. Evolution of dislocation structure, strengthening and failure of high-nitrogen austenite steels at plastic deformation under pressure 51
URBANOVICH V.S. On accounting for the geometrical form of hard-alloy dies when designing HPA of the anvil-with-recesses type 66
SYNKOV V.G., CHAIKA E.V. Obtaining metallic fibres from hydrostatically pressed rods 75
BELOTSERKOVSKII A.M., ALISTRATOV L.I., BEIGELZIMER Ya.Ye. A plant for hydrostatic fine grinding of hard and brittle materials 78
ASTRAKHAN’ M.V., DASHEVSKAYA Yu.V., SYNKOV V.G., STREBUL A.A. Strength of nonmagnetic high-pressure chamber plungers 81
HÖFFNER Ch. and WILL G. New modular squeezers for Mbar pressures 85
MATROSOV N.I., CHERNYSHEV V.A., GUSAROVA T.A., SENNIKOVA L.F. Hydrostatic drawing of thin wire with billet heating 95
PODZYAREI G.A., NACHALNAYA T.A. Use of the EPR method for grading natural diamonds 101
SPUSKANYUK V.Z., BARYAKHTAR F.G., KASATKA N.G., GONTAREVSKAYA N.S., ZAKORETSKAYA T.A., KIRYUNIN L.I. Studying some possibilities of preparing diamond tools to be used without fluid cooling 106
CHERNAI A.V., SOBOLEV V.V. On the mechanism of single giant pulse ignition of explosives 111

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