“PHPT”, Vol 34, №1


URBANOVICH V.S., ТIMOFEEVA I.I., VASILKOVSKAYA М.А., MALIKINA T.D. Physical and mechanical features of the ТiВ2–TaB2 composites sintered under high pressure 5
METLOV L.S. Specific features of ferroelectric phase transitions in perovskites 16
KHACHATUROVA T.A., BUT’KO V.G., GUSEV A.A. Comparative analysis of the electronic properties for stishovite and alpha-cristobalite of nanometer thickness 24
RUMYANTSEV V.V., FEDOROV S.А., RYBALKA А.Е., GLADILIN О.A. Effect of size quantization of nanoobjects 32
ABRAMOV V.S. Spontaneous deformation and some features of coherent effects on quasiparticles 41
CHERVINSKII D.A., HRISTOV A.V., SHELEST V.V. Non-traditional relations between the complete set of thermodynamic coefficients obtained by the direct determination 55
NIKOLAENKO Yu.М., EFROS N.B., SAMOILENKO Z.А., PUSHENKO Ye.I., DYACHENKO Т.А., MEZIN N.I. Effect of water vapor and volatile liquids on surface conductivity of a polycrystal sample of Ga2O3 77
IZOTOV A.I., SHALAEV R.V., SIROTKIN V.V., VARYUKHIN V.N. Study of the thermoelectric properties of the metal–carbon film junction 82
POLISHCHUK V.S., ALEKHOV Yu.A., PERESADCHENKO A.N. Effect of the grain shape of a composite magnetic abrasive powder on the
productivity and quality of magnetic abrasive treatment
GREBNEVA H.A. Mechanism for the formation of rare tautomeric forms of uracil and adenine under irradiation of single-stranded RNA with UV light 96
RYABICHEVA L.А., KOSTRUB O.M. Application of a model of rigidplastic deformation to the analysis of direct extrusion of powder billets 105
TARYANIK N.V., VARYUKHIN D.V., PROKOFIEVA L.N. Method of production of a superconducting magnetic system characterized by advanced uniformity of magnetic field 113

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