“PHPT”, Vol 33, №1


SAYPULAEVA L.A. Effect of magnetostructural inhomogeneities on the physical properties of composites based dirac semimetal Cd3As2 in a wide range of temperature and pressure 5
STRAUMAL B.B., ZAVOROTNEV YU.D., DAVDYAN G.S., PETRENKO А.G., ТOMASHEVSKAYA Е.YU. High-pressure torsion and phase transformations in metal alloys. II 45
TEREKHOV S.V. Equivalence of theoretical models by the example of a blurred phase transition in amorphous alloys 58
МETLOV L.S., BLINOVA YE.N., LIBMAN М.А. Computer modeling of martensitic phase transitions determined by plastic deformation and laser exposure 65
CHERVINSKII D.A., SHELEST V.V. Basic physical and mathematical aspects of external differential form calculus 71
NIKOLAENKO YU.М., МUKHIN А.B., МEZIN N.I. Influence of the shape of yttrium-iron garnet films on the do-main structure and characteristics of magnetic sensors 86
TIKHII A.A., NIKOLAENKO YU.M., SVYRYDOVA K.A., ZHIKHAREV I.V. Effect of deposition time on the structure and properties of indium oxide films 93
VASILIEV S.V., KOSTYRYA S.A., TKATCH V.I. Estimation of glass forming ability of Fe40Ni40P14B6 and Fe48Co32P14B6 melts with using of time–
–temperature–transformation diagrams
TARYANIK N.V., VARYUKHIN D.V., SOLENYI V.N., PROKOFIEVA L.N. Superconducting solenoids characterized by the maximum magnetic field and advanced uniformity 114

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