“PHPT”, Vol 32, №1


VASILIEV S.V., TSVETKOV T.V., SVIRIDOVA E.A., TKATCHENKO V.M., LIMANOVSKII A.I., SAYAPIN V.N., TKATCH V.I. Effect of severe plastic deformation on the parameters of fine structure and microhardness of aluminum 8
PILIPENKO E.A., GORBENKO Ie.Ie. Thermodynamic properties of light rare-gas crystals with respect to the three-body interaction in the model of deformable atoms 19
METLOV L.S., GORDEY M.M., PETRENKO A.G. Megaplastic deformation of alloys in the frameworks of non-equilibrium evolution thermodynamics 37
VOLOV V.N. Evolution of the geometry of high-pressure chambers made of P6M5 steel in the synthesis of superhard materials 48
TEREKHOV S.V. Should we use quaternions in physics? 62
HRISTOV A.V., CHERVINSKII D.A., SHELEST V.V. Relation of the basic thermodynamical calibration relation and Gruneisen equation 78
NOVIKOV A.O., SHESTOPALOV I.N., DRIPAN P.S., SHAZHKO Ya.V. Mine researches of a glue-free method of installing an anchor under the impact of dynamic load 93
GREBNEVA H.A. Percentage of mutations formed by exposure under mutagens 101
TARYANIK N.V., VARYUKHIN D.V., FEDYUK D.O., PROKOF’EVA L.N. Effect of production technology factors and physical properties of construction materials on uniformity of the magnetic field of compensated superconducting solenoids 114

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