“PHPT”, Vol 31, №2


GANGALO A.N., SENNIKOVA L.F., BURKHOVETSKII V.V., YANCHEV A.I. Development of a method of production of a microwire of titanium ВТ1-0 for medicine 5
CHERVINSKII D.A., HRISTOV A.V., SHELEST V.V. Interrelation of thermodynamic coefficients, relation to complex anharmonicity and acoustics, features of the effect on the thermodynamics of stability of the equilibrium phase state within the frameworks of formalism of external differential forms 12
METLOV L.S., KOLEDOV V.V., SHAVROV V.G., TEKHTELEV Yu.V., PETRENKO A.G. Splitting and hysteresis of magnetic moment in the course of a martensitic phase transition by the example of a Heusler alloy 28
BARBASHOV V.I., CHAIKA E.V. Electric conductivity of membranes based on polyvinyl alcohol crosslinked with sulfosuccinic acid 39
PROKHOROV A.A., MINIKAEV R.A., PROKHOROV A.D. Hightemperature phase transition in the EuGa3(BO3)4 crystal by EPR data of Gd3+ 47
NIKOLAENKO Yu.M., FEDYUK D.O. Non-linear effects of heat transfer in a bolometric structure (numerical simulation) 56
BUKIN G.V., DROBOT’KO V.F., KASYANOV A.I., BORZENKO A.P., PIS’MENOVA N.Ye. Measuring equipment for interference transmittance spectra of anisotropic films of ultrahigh molecular polyethylene 63
SAYPULAEVA L.A., CHEKHILOV M.A., TEBE’NKOV A.V., MELNIKOVA N.V., BABUSHKIN A.N., RIL A.I., MARENKIN S.F., ZAKHVALINSKII V.S. Magnetic field effect on the electrical characteristics of cadmium diarsenide under pressure up to 50 GPa 71
STARIKOV G.P., MELNIK T.N., NESCREBA D.A. Basic procedure for estimation of coal strength by uniaxial compression of granulated samples 79
NOVIKOV A.O., SHESTOPALOV I.N., SHAZHKO Ya.V. Study of the kinetics of deformation of a rock massive containing assembly stables 91
SNITKO S.A., DENISCHENKO N.P., YAKOVCHENKO A.V., DENISCHENKO P.N., IVLEVA N.I. Method of computer-aided design of roll calibrations for the rolling of round profiles according to the oval–circle gauge system 101

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