“PHPT”, Vol 30, №2


SHELEST V.V., CHERVINSKII D.A. Application of calculation of differential forms to thermodynamics. V. Aspects of the use of external differential
forms applications in the analysis of the systems with changeable particles number
TROITSKAYA E.P., PILIPENKO E.A., GORBENKO Ie.Ie. Effect of threebody interaction and deformation of the electron shells of atoms on the zero-point energy of compressed Ar, Kr and Xe crystals 39
METLOV L.S., KOLEDOV V.V., SHAVROV V.G., ZAVOROTNEV Yu.D., TEHTELEV Yu.V. The theory of the motion of domain walls in the firstorder structural phase transitions in systems with a multi-minimum potential 56
SENNIKOVA L.F., TKATCHENKO V.M., GANGALO A.N., MOROZ T.T. Effect of different schemes of combined plastic deformation on physical and mechanical properties of copper М0б 65
PUSHIN V.G., KURANOVA N.N., PUSHIN A.V., SVIRID A.E., USTYUGOV Yu.M. On the possibility of plastification of polycrystalline alloys of the Cu–Al–Ni system with shape memory effect at high-temperature isothermal upsetting to high degrees 73
LIECHTENSTEIN I.Ya., SHEMCHENKO E.I., GLAZUNOVA V.A. Features of the structure of the CNx:EuyOz films produced with using of a DC-magnetron 81
RUDENKO E.A., ZAKARLYUKA S.V., GONCHAROV V.E., YURCHENKO Y.I., BUDAKVA S.A. Elastic tension of non-flat strips under stresses of sinusoidal distribution 88
DROBOTKO V.F., MYASNIKOVA L.P., MARIKHIN V.A., PIS’MENOVA N.E., TEREKHOV S.A., BORZENKO A.P. In situ study of high temperature X-ray diffraction of nascent ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene powder 98
PETRENKO Yu.A., SHAZHKO Ya.A., SOLOVYOV G.I., KASYANENKO A.L. Features of deformation of soil rocks of deep mine workings in the presence of a strong layer in the texture 112

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