“PHPT”, Vol 3, №4


ZABLOTSKII V.A., MAMALUI Ju.A., SOIKA E.N. Magnetostatic pressure and mechanism of phase transitions in cellular domain structures of thin magnetic films 5
ZAVADSKII E.A. Specific features of the phase transitions under pressure at the low temperatures 17
BARZII I.V., NEILO G.N., PROKHOROV A.D. Pressure effect on spectral properties of Er3+ ion in lanthanum ethylsulphate by the EPR data 23
PROZOROVSKII V.D., RESHIDOVA I.Yu., PARANTCHICH L.D. Influence of barocycllng on energy spectra of free charge carriers and piont defects in Hg1-xCdxTe and Hg1-x-yCdxMnyТe 28
BELOSHENKO V.A., BORISENKO G.V., EVTUSHENKO G.Т., SVIRIDOV G.I. Investigation of the properties of epoxy polymerhomologs obtained under the uniform compression 34
TARENKOV V.Yu., D’YACHENKO A.I., PEREKRESTOV B. I. Anomaled reaction critical current HTSC Bi2223 ceramic on the hydrostatical pressure 42
DEREVYANKO V.V., YEFIMOVA N.N., KUDRYAVTSEV I.N., PEDIN A.V., USTIMENKOVA M.В., FINKEL V.A. Hydrostatic pressure effect of the critical temperature and fluctuation conductivity of high-temperature superconductor YBa2Cu3O7-δ 47
ZAROCHENTSEV E.V., TROITSKAYA E.P. Lattice dynamics and elastic properties of metals by the dencity functional method 57
KONSTANTINOVA T.E., PRYMISLER V.В., DOBRIKOV A.A., VOLKOVA G.K. Influence of the stressed stale on structure forming by bending mode of deformations 71
ALEKSEEV A.D., MOROZOV A.F., METLOV L.S. Influence of sedimental rock structure on their physical and mechanical properties 77
OGORODNIKOV V.V., KRAINII A.G., GRINIK E.U. Deformation and failure of borides under the action of internal pressure induced by neutron irradiation 88
BRONSTEIN D.Kh., SIMKIN E.S. Optimization of the hard alloy sinbering process under high pressure 96
BONDAR’ P.P. On the Influence of scaling factor on spray and faulure of cylindrical shells under internal blast loading 102

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