“PHPT”, Vol 29, №4


KHLOPKOV E.A., KHANAEV V.M., KURUSHKIN D.V., OSTROPIKO E.S., VYUNENKO Yu.N. Strength characteristics of welded joints of the Ti–55.42 wt% Ni wire 5
MALASHENKO V.V., MALASHENKO T.I., LUKYANCHENKO A.P. Dislocation dynamics in high-rate plastic deformation of functional materials 11
TUKMAKOV D.A. Numerical modeling of the motion and reflection of high-intensity shock waves in a heterogeneous medium 18
KOVALENKO O.V., VASILIEV S.V., LIMANOVSKII A.I., TKATCH V.I. Effect of heating rate on crystallization kinetics of the Fe40Co40P14B6 metallic glass 27
TEREKHOV S.V. Boundaries of thermal stability of an amorphous material. II. Subregular population of phases 40
SAYPULAEVA L.A., ABDULVAGIDOV Sh.B., GADJIALIEV M.M., ALIBEKOV A.G., MELNIKOVA N.V., STEPANOVA E.A., ALIKIN D.O., ZAKHVALINSKIY V.S., RIL’ A.I., MARENKIN S.F., PIRMAGOMEDOV Z.Sh. Temperature effect on the current-voltage characteristics of Cd3As2 + MnAs 48
NIKOLAENKO Yu.M., KORNEEVETS A.S., EFROS N.B., BURKHOVETSKII V.V., RESHIDOVA I.Yu. Effect of the element composition of the film structure on the estimation of the film thickness by the data of energy dispersive spectrometer INCA Energy 350 59
SAMOLETOV A.A. Configuration temperature of a thermostat and ergodicity of the Nosé–Hoover scheme 65
SHELEST V.V., KHRISTOV A.V. Relation of calorimetric coefficients to complex anharmonicity and their role in thermodynamics of stability of the equilibrium phase state of a system 73
MEZIN N.I., STAROSTYUK N.Y. Verification of the hypothesis about a change of space-time metrics in the course of crystallization process 97
BELICHKO D.R., KONSTANTINOVA T.E., VOLKOVA G.K., NOSOLEV I.K., MALETSKII A.V., BURKHOVETSKII V.V. Effect of alumina doping on the structure and the properties of zirconia nanopowders 108
TARYANIK N.V., VARYUKHIN D.V., FEDYUK D.O., PROKOF’EVA L.N. Superconducting transformer for the measurement of the critical current and the resistance of the joint contacts in superconductors 116

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