“PHPT”, Vol 27, №3


MIROSHNICHENKO S.V., VARYUKHIN V.N. Analysis of a complex stress-strain state of metal induced by severe plastic deformation by reversible enclosed piercing 5
DOROSHKEVIH A.S., LOGUNOV A.I., SHILO A.V., LYUBCHIK A.I., KIRILLOV A.K., TROITSKII G.A., VASILENKO T.A., ZELENYAK T.Yu., BACHERIKOV Yu.Yu., GLAZUNOVA V.A., BURKHOVETSKII V.V., SUVOROV D.A., ISLAMOV A.Kh., DOROSHKEVIH V.S., KHOLMURODOV Kh.T., ASKEROV E.B., MADADZADA A.I., BALASOIU MARIA, ALMASAN VALER, NABIEV A.A., KONSTANTINOVA T.Ye. Integrated study of a ZrO2 – based nanostructured system compressed by high hydrostatic pressure in terms of sensor applications 18
ZAVOROTNEV Yu. D., PASHINSKAYA E.G., TOMASHEVSKAYA E. Yu. Spatial variation of the modulus of the magnetic vector in crystals during severe plastic deformation by twisting 32
IVCHENKO V.A., EFROS B.M., UL’YANOV A.N., EFROS N.B., TYUTENKO V.S., VARYUKHIN V.N. Atomic structure and physical and mechanical properties of nickel after stack hydroextrusion 46
BUKIN G.V., DROBOTKO V.F., ZABRODSKIY V.V., SOKOLOV S.A., SEVATOROV N.N., BUKINA Y.G., BUKHTIYAROVA I.P., KOKHAN T.P. Study of the effect of hydrostatic pressure on extraction of the components from the seeds of evening primrose (Oenothéra biénnis L.) 51
METLOV L.S., POYMANOV V.D. Spontaneous and induced magnetic phase transitions in super-thin iron-yttrium garnet films 63
TEREKHOV S.V. Physical and geometrical descriptions of hyperspace. V. Field of hyperdouble quaternions 69
VARYUKHIN V.N., MOROZ T.T., BURKHOVETSKII V.V., SHKURATOV B.E., IZOTOV A.I., BELOUSOV N.N. Structure and magnetoresistance features of the Ni64.4Zr35.6 alloy in amorphous and crystallized states 80
PROKHOROV A.A., CHERNYSH L.F., PROKHOROV A.D. Ground state of the impurity ions Cr3+ in the crystals of aluminum borates YAl3(BO3)4, EuAl3(BO3)4, TmAl3(BO3)4 90
TARASENKO T.N., LINNIK A.I., VALKOV V.I., BURKHOVETSKII V.V., KRAVCHENKO Z.F., KAMENEV V.I., MAZUR A.S. Magnetic inhomogeneities in LaMnO3 lightly doped (<= 10%) by the Bi3+ ions: diagnostics by measurement of the imaginary component of magnetic susceptibility 101
DRAGUNOV I.E. Equilibrium domain structures in ferromagnetic films and multilayers with a weak deviation of the magnetization from easy axes 116
GREBNEVA H.A. Polymerase-tautomeric model for radiation-induced genomic instability: targeted delayed substitution mutations under errorprone and SOS synthesis of double-stranded DNA containing cis-syn cyclobutane thymine dimers 131
VARYUKHIN D.V., TARYANIK N.V., DVORNIKOV E.A., FEDYUK D.O. Laboratory superconducting solenoid characterized by uniform magnetic field and the density of 9.2 T 149

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