“PHPT”, Vol 27, №1


Victor Varyukhin celebrates his 65-ieth anniversary 5
MYASNIKOVA L.P., VARYUKHIN V.N., MARIKHIN V.A., DROBOTKO V.F., PIS’MENOVA N.E., TEREKHOV S.A. Changes in the nascent structure of ultrahigh-molecular weight polyethylene upon compaction and sintering 7
BELOUSOV N.N., V’YUNENKO Yu.N. Peculiarities of initiating of thermal and light effects in the conditions of ultrasound action 16
EFROS B.M., KORSHUNOV L.G., DMITRENKO V.Yu., TYUTENKO V.S. Structure and properties of sandwich-type hybrid materials based on a high-nitrogen alloy. 2. Strength and tribological properties 28
TOKIY N.V., TOKIY V.V. The activation energy of twinning for copper in Voigt approximation 36
METLOV L.S. Concept of the ground local non-equilibrium state 42
RUMYANTSEV V.V., FEDOROV S.A. Propagation of electromagnetic excitations through a strained array of microresonators 54
VASILIEV S.V., TKATCH V.I., SVYRYDOVA K.A., LIMANOVSKII A.I., TSVETKOV T.V. Analysis of the transient behavior of the nucleation process in metallic glasses under isothermal conditions 63
PRUDNIKOV A.M., SHALAEV R.V., LINNIK A.I., SYROTKIN V.V., PAS’KO M.I. Structural modification of the carbon nitride films under the influence of thermal treatment 77
NIKOLAENKO Yu.M., MEDVEDEV Yu.V., EFROS N.B., KORNIEVETS A.S., STAROSTYUK N.Yu. Adjustment of the non-homogeneous state in the epitaxial La0.7Sr0.3MnO3–d films 90
TEREKHOV S.V., VARYUKHIN V.N., MELNIK T.N., YURCHENKO V.M. Thermodynamic concept of non-equilibrium. I. Function of non-equilibrium. Compensation models 103
SHELEST V.V., CHERVINSKII D.A., HRISTOV A.V. On some principal peculiarities of spin polarization mechanism and thermal phase transitions low-high spin in complex compounds with bivalent transition metals of iron group ions 117
VARYUKHIN D.V., TARYANIK N.V., DVORNIKOV E.A., FEDYUK D.O., LAPTIENKO A.Ya. Superconducting magnetic system of a cryomagnetic separator 137
MALASHENKO V.V., MALASHENKO T.I., GLAZUNOV A.A., NOSOV M.A. Peculiarities of dislocation dynamics at laser influense on solid solutions

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