“PHPT”, Vol 26, №3-4


GOGAEV K.O., VOROPAEV V.S., PODREZOV Yu.N., YEVYCH YA.I., DANILENKO V.I. Production of highstrength titanic strips by consoli-dation of powder using technology of asymmetrical rolling 5
LAKUSTA M.V., DANILENKO I.A., KONSTANTINOVA T.E., VOLKOVA G.K., NOSOLEV I.K., GLAZUNOVA V.A. Features of sintering of silica-doped tetragonal zirconia nanopowders 20
NADUTOV V.M., ZAPOROZHETS O.I., DORDIENKO N.A., MIKHAYLOVSKY V.A., MAKARENKO S.Yu., PROSHAK A.V. Ultrasonic study of as-cast heterogeneous high-entropy alloy AlCuCrCoNiFe 31
ALIIEVA L.I. Combined radial-backward extrusion of flange parts 43
STEFANOVICH L.I., FELDMAN E.P. Impedance spectroscopy as a non-invasive way of measuring of cracking of gas-bearing coal seams 57
ZAVOROTNEV Yu.D., ZAKHAROV A.Yu., METLOV L.S., ZAKHAROV M.A. Effect of dislocations on the structural order parameter in a crystal under severe plastic deformation by torsion 71
VASILKOVSKIY V.A., DOVBNICH M.V., MENDRII Ya.V. Adsorption of methane by fossil coals in the range of room temperatures and pres-sures above 0.1 MPa 79
EFROS B.M., KORSHUNOV L.G., EFROS N.B., DMITRENKO V.Yu., TYUTENKO V.S. Structure and properties of hybrid materials based on a sandwich-type nitrogen-containing alloy. 1. Phase and structure trans-formations 89
KHAIMOVICH P.A. On the practical application of the 18Cr10NiTi steel after barocryodeformation 95
MAZUR O.Yu., STEFANOVICH L.I. Effect of hydrostatic pressure on the kinetics of ordering of ferroelectrics upon first-order phase transitions 101
VOVCHENKO A.I., DEMIDENKO L.Yu. The mechanism of the force action on the object to be processed by electric explosion in limited volumes 116
OREL S.M. Analytical internuclear separation dependences of two-site matrix elements of exchange interaction 124
TEREKHOV S.V. Physical and geometrical characteristics of hyper-space. IV. Hashimoto soliton. Mechanical movement of a cella 129
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