“HPPT”, Vol 25, №1-2


TEREKHOV S.V. Physical and geometrical descriptions of hyperspace. I. The Serre–Freinet generalized system. Physical isomorphism of Hamilton algebra of the quaternions 5
DOVGII V.T., LINNIK A.I., KAMENEV V.I., TARENKOV V.YU., SIDOROV S.L., TODRIS B.M., MIKHAYLOV V.I., DAVYDEIKO N.V., LINNIK T.A., POPOV Yu.F., BALBASHOV A.M. Peculiarities of pulse and quasi-static remagnetization and relaxation properties of the Nd0.5Sr0.5MnO3 single crystal 20
TEREKHOV S.A., BUKIN G.V., BEREZHNAYA L.V. Spin transition in group 2D coordination compounds Fe(PhPy)2M(CN)4 (M – Ni, Pd, Pt) induced by pressure at ambient temperature and temperature at atmospheric pressure 31
EFROS B.M., DERYAGIN A.I., METLOV L.S., IVCHENKO V.A., EFROS N.B., VARYUKHIN V.N. Concentration stratification and structural changes in the Fe–Ni–Cr alloy after the warm twist deformation 41
URBANOVICH V.S., SHIPILO N.V., SHESTEL M.V. The effect of high pressures and high temperatures on the properties of aluminum nitride 52
PODREZOV Yu.N., DANILENKO V.I., DANILENKO N.I., FIRSTOV C.A., MARCHENKO N.M. Structural sensitivity of uniform deformation in nanostructural materials 66
BEYGELZIMER Yan. Equivalent strain in simple shear of metals 90
UTYASHEV F.Z., SAMARUKOV G.V. Features of the rolling-off of hollow shafts of gas turbine engines under conditions of superplasticity 98
PASHINSKAYA E.H., ZAVDOVEEV A.V., MAKSAKOVА A.A., V.N. VARYUKHIN, TOLPA A.A., TKACHENKO V.M. Effect of drawing dies with shear on the structure and the properties of low-carbon steel 107
BRITUN V.F., YAROSH V.V., KURDYUMOV A.V., DANILENKO A.I. The influence of the compression mode on the phase transformations in carbon under the shock compression 122
VASILENKO T.A., KIRILLOV A.K., SLYUSAREV V.V. Study of the hierarchical structure of coals by pressing. Measuring of the total porosity 133

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