“PHPT”, Vol 13, №2


VARYUKHIN V.N., MOROZ T.T., ABRAMOV V.S., SYNKOV V.G., KRAVCHENKO V.P. Hydrostatic pressure treatment and nanocrystallization of Co-based amorphous alloys 7
VOLOSHIN V.A. Vibron-electronic dynamic equilibrium for substances of 4f- or 3d-configurations 23
KRIVOSHEYEV Y.M., PETRENKO A.G., BAZHIN A.I. Modification of properties of perspective phosphors influenced by lowenergy ion beam 39
GALUSHKO I.M. On possible reasons of structure formation in the alloy of peritectic system Cu-Ge 46
RYZHIKOV A.A. On the nature of cold brittleness of metals 52
PASHINSKAYA E.G., SYNKOV S.G., TKACHENKO V.M., DOMAREVA A.S., YUDINA YU.A. Evolution of microstructure and properties of copper upon a combined deformation by torsional extrusion and rolling 61
ZHIROV G.I. Annealed and hydrogen-phase-hardened palladium hydride: principles of obtaining and mechanical properties 71
ALEKSEYEV A.D., KOVRIGA N.N., MOLCHANOV A.N., SYNKOV V.G. NMR investigation of the kinetics of structure changes in coal substance under high pressure 83
KRAS’KO N.I., NAZIMKO V.V. Modeling of rock pressure redistribution due to roof caving in vicinity of advancing longwall face 91
SHEVCHUK S.N., BELOUSOV I.S., IVAKHNENKO S.A. Temperature measurements at growing the diamond single crystals on seed 101
MALASHENKO V.V. Features of collective interaction of point defects with a moving pair of edge dislocations in magnetically ordered crystal 108

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