“PHPT”, Vol 11, №2


VARYUKHIN V.N., SAMSONENKO N.D., TIMCHENKO V.I., SAMSONENKO S.N., SELSKAYA I.V. Plastic deformation effects in diamond 7
DANYLENKO M., KOPYLOV V., PODREZOV YU., FIRSTOV S. Structural sensitivity of the mechanical properties of Fe-Armco high-deformed by the equal-channel angular pressure 20
TARENKOV V.YU. Effect of high pressure and carrier concentration on quasi-particle spectra of bismuth metal oxide 33
D’YACHENKO A.I. Pressure as a tool for qualitative analysis of the electron-electron correlations in cuprates 45
BEYGELZIMER YA.E., EFROS B.M., ORLOV D.V., ZAIKA T.P., SYNKOV S.G. Peculiarities of formation of titanium ultramicrocrystalline structure under twist extrusion 60
SAYPULAEVA L.A. Phase transitions on oriented single crystals n-CdAs2 under hydrostatic pressure to 9 GPa 66
GOLOVCHAN A.V., ZAVADSKII E.A. A Weiss magnet with the exchange-interaction asymptotics 72
PILYUGIN V.P., EFROS B.M., GLADKOVSKY S.V., PATSELOV A.M., CHERNYSHEV YE.G. Effect of pressure-induced severe plastic deformation on phase composition and structure of alloys based on FeMn solid solution 78
SHEMCHENKO E.I., SHALAYEV R.V., PASHINSKAYA E.G. Studying of the characteristics of diamond-like films obtained by the magnetron sputtering method 83
BARBASHOV V.I., BELOUSOV N.N. Kinetic peculiarities of zirconia ceramics deformation 86
METLOV L.S., MOROZOV F.A. Peculiarities of failure of quasi-brittle bodies 93
POLYAKOV P.I., PASHCHENKO V.P., KUCHERENKO S.S. Influence of high hydrostatic pressures to 2.5 GPa on resistance of manganite-lanthanum samples 104
SIRYUK YU. A., SMIRNOV V.V. Regions of existence of the spiral domain structures оf two types in ferrite-garnet films 107
CHERNAY A.V., SOBOLEV V.V., DLUGASHEK A., CHERNAY V.A., SHARABURA A.D. Single giant pulse-initiated explosive compositions based on bis [3(5)-hydrazino-4-amino-1,2,3-triazole] copper (II) perchlorate 115
MALASHENKO V.V., MALASHENKO T.I. Transient processes under the motion of screw dislocations in the field of point defects 121
NAZIMKO V.V., ZAKHAROV V.S., NAPRASNICKOV S.V., ALEXANDROV S.N., GARKOVENKO E.E. Fractal analysis of an anisotropic rock mass 125
MIROSHNICHENKO S.V., SYNKOV V.G. Reserves of high-pressure chamber strength 132
MAMALUI YU.A., SIRYUK YU.A. Effect of magnetostatic pressure on stability of domain phases in thin magnetic films 136

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