“PHPT”, Vol 10, №3


ZAROCHENTSEV E.V., TROITSKAYA E.P., CHABANENKO V.V. Problems of fundamental gap at insulator-metal transition under pressure 7
BERNER K., ZAVADSKII E.A., SUMINOV D.YU. P-T phase diagrams of nickel under superhigh pressures within the model with the parabolic lability boundaries 15
EFROS B., VARYUKHIN V., PASHINSKA O., DOMAREVA A., TALALUEVA N. The use of hydrostatic extrusion for hardening the bars from high-nitrogen austenitic steels 21
EFROS B.M., BEREZOVSKAYA V.V., KONAKOVA I.P., BEYGELZIMER YA. E., EFROS N.B., TYUTENKO V.S. Influence of the thermoplastic treatment conditions on decelerated fracture of maraging steels 28
SPUSKANYUK V.Z., YANCHEV A.I. Simulation of the bimetallic billet hydroextrusion process 39
PASHINSKAYA E.G., RYABTSEV A.D., PASHINSKY V.V., BELOYSOV N.N. Development of technology for titanium alumonide production and methods of formation of preset structure and propeties 48
VOLOSHIN V.A., GUSEV A.A., LEVCHENKO G.G. Empirical regularities of the temperature dependence of superconducting PrBa2Cu3O6.6 resistivity under pressure variation 56
LEVSHIN A.A., FEDOTOV S.N., NESKOROMNAYA E.A. The stressed-strained state of the anisotropic rock mass when developing an inclined seam 59
KABDIN N.N. A computer-aided system to register spectra at radio spectrometer for EPR investigations under pressure 69
VASILENKO T.A., POLYAKOV P.I., SLYUSAREV V.V. Investigation of physical and mechanical properties of coals under hydrostatic reduction and quasi-hydrostatic compression fracture 72
DZHEZHERYA YU.I., SOROCKIN M.V. The influence of a planar magnetic field on motion of domain wall in a thin ferromagnetic film with flaws 86
KHYZHUN O.YU. XPS study of the electronic structure of NbSe2 synthesized at high pressure 95
TOKII V.V., NOSOLEV I.K. Internal friction in the range of stress critical amplitudes 102
MATROSOV N.I. New processes of hydromechanical treat-ment of wire products 108

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