“PHPT”, Vol 1, №3


ADAMETS A.A., PRIMISLER V.В., KONSTANTINOVA T.E., AKIMOV G.YA. Effect of high pressure on plastic strain of single crystalline zinc at basal glide 5
BEIGELZIMER Ya.E., LOLADZE L.V., EFROS В.М., YUSHKOV V.I. Peculiarities of structural formation in b.c.c. polycrystals after defomation under pressure 9
SKUPOV V.D., TSYPKIN G.A. Abnormal changes in imperfection of silicon plates under hydrostatic compression 13
BURYAK V.P., DUGADKO A.В., PETRUSENKO A.I., PAVLOVSKAYA E.A. Effect of hydropressing on the plasticitiy of Cu-N, and Cu-Mn alloys 16
ZAITSEV V.I., ALEKSEEV L.G., KHVOSTENKO L.V. Effect of prehydropressing on the evolution of parameters of nitride alloy 20
SHEVCHENKO A.D., SHULZHENKO A.A. New material with high dapming ability 26
BARYAKHTAR V.G., ZAROCHENTSEV E.V., KOLESNIKOV V.V., POLOZHENTSEV E.V. Electron structure of hydrogen and helium in metals 32
REVVA V.N., STARIKOV G.P., ALEKSEEV A.D. Changes in mechanical properties of coals with the depth of their occurence 43
ALIEV I.S., SIVAK I.O. Deformability of metal during the cold extrusion of pieces with flanges 47
BURYAK V.P., DUGADKO A.В., PAVLOVSKAYA E.A. Peculiarities of P-T-diagram and production of Nb-Ti based superconductors by hydroextrusion technique 50
ALIEV I.S. Estimation of deforming pressure during transverse extrusion 55
KURILOV A.M., GAIVORONSKY A.T. Stability of the system pressed material-lubrication layer in the process of hydroextrusion in the regime of fluid friction 59
PINK R.L., LEVITAS V.I. Estimation of the required accuracy of temperature and pressure control in НРA 65
VINOGRADOV S.A., PINK R.L. On the accuracy of pressure adjustment in high-pressure apparatus 71
SIDOROV V.A., TSIOK O.B. Phase diagram and viscosity of the system glicerine-water under high pressure 74
VINOGRADOV S.A. Compressibility of materials used in hard-phase high-pressure apparatus for pressure transfer 79
MATROSOV N.I., CHERNYSHOV V.A., RAKHANSKY G.A., SYNKOVA N.N. Hydrostatic drawing of wire of Mo and its alloys 83
SHEVCHENKO A.D., SHULZHENKO A.A., UVAROV V.N., ERESHEHCHENKO A.A. Peculiarities of electron properties of Ti nickelide produced under high pressure 85
EPANCHINTSEV O.G., KORNEEV A.E., YAROPOLOVA E.I. X-ray diffraction study of texture of mass YBa2Cu7-x ceramic samples 88
KAMINSKY V.L., SAMOILENKO G.M., YUSHKOV Yu.G. Surface impedance of superconductiong yttrium ceramics in ultrahigh-frequency range 90
STARCHENKO I.M., GATALSKAYA V.I., KUROCHKIN L.A., ZHEVZHIK Z.I., LEONOVICH Yu.N., PETROVSKY M.P., PLEVAKO A.N. Investigation of diffusion of elements during thermal pressure treatment of tallium high-temperature superconductors 94
SKUPOV V.D., TSYPKIN G.A., KVANIN V.N. Electrophysical properties of epitaxial structures based on gallium arsenide after treatment by hydrostatic pressure 97
MATROSOV N.I., RAKHANSKY G.A., CHERNYSHOV V.A., MEDVEDSKAYA E.A., YAROSH P.D. Stabilization of parameters of billet feed during permanent hydromechanical treatment 100

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