“PHPT”, Vol 1, №2


SVISTUNOV V.M., DYACHENKO A.I., TARENKOV V.Yu. Pressure effects in studies of current in HTSC 5
PROZOROVSKY V.D., RESHIDOVA I.Yu., PARANCHICH S.Yu., PARANCHICH L.D. Study of barocycling and annealing effects on physical properties of Hg1-x-yCdxMnyTe by relaxation dielectric losses and EPR 13
BARILO S.N., BUZHINSKII S.A., GES A.P., GURETSKII S.A., DERKACHENKO V.N., PUZYNYA A.N., TIMOFEEVA V.A., KHARTSEV S.I. Spin-reorientation phase transitions in rare-earth orthoferrites and orthochromites under hydrostatic pressure 20
TUROV K.A. and RAIDUGIN Yu.G. La2CuO4: kinetics, optics, acoustics 24
BARYAKHTAR V.G., ZAROCHENTSEV E.V., KOLGUSHEV O.M., KOLESNIKOV V.V. Application of density-functional theory for describing real metals 36
SUKHAREVSKAYA К.В., TIU N.S. On the theory of the weak crystalline field considering ligand polarization 46
SYNKOV V.G., TRANKOVSKAYA L.D., MATROSOV N.I., SYNKOV S.G. Structure of packet billet deformed by compaction 53
SHEVCHENKO A.D., SHULZHENKO A.A. The shape memory effect in HTSC ceramics YBa2Cu3O7, obtained under high pressure 57
LOLADZE L.V., STRELTSOV V.A., EFROS В.М., YUSHKOV V.I. The effect of plastic deformation under HHP on texture, structure and hardening of BCC crystals 60
ADAMETS A.A., KONSTANTINOVA Т.Е., LYAFER E.I. Structure formation of the two-phase titanium alloy by deformation under high pressure condition 70
GLADKOVSKII S.V., LOLADZE L.V., EFROS В.М. Deformation, phase composition and properties of heterogeneous metastable steels under high hydrostatic pressure 76
PAVLOVSKAYA E.A., PETRUSHENKO A.I., SHEVCHENKO B.A., KIRICHENKO V.V. Some features of obtaining of superconductors in high-resistive dies by applying on hydropressing 80
BELOSHENKO V.A., SLOBODINA V.G., TSYGANKOV S.A., SHEPEL V.M. Application of hydrostatic treatment in production of rods from powdered fluopolymers 85
BEIGELZIMMER Ya.E., GETMANSKII A.P., KULESKO N.A., PALANT Yu.A. Maximum pressure estimation in hydroimpulse forming plants 89
ZAVADSKII E.A., ZVADA S.S., KAMENEV V.I., TODRIS B.M., KHARTSEV S.I. High-pressure low-temperature X-ray chamber 93
BURYAK V.P., PAVLOVSKAYA E.A., DUGADKO A.В., MIRONOVA O.N., KORNEEV A.С. Properties and structural state of hydropressed niobium-titanium superconductors of different design for non-stationary regimes 99
DAUNOV M.I., MAGOMEDOV А.В., MOLLAEV A.Yu., SALIKHOV S.M. and DANILOV V.I. Transport phenomena in GdSnAs2, under high pressures 104
MATROSOV N.I., SENNIKOVA L.F., SYNKOVA N.N., LABINSKAYA N.G. Thin wire properties produced by hydrostatic drawing from steel with high nitrogen content 106
DERYAGIN A.V., KOZHUHAR’ A.Yu., MALYSHEV E.N. Ultrahigh frequency excitations of mixed state of high temperature superconducting films 110

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