КРИВОРУЧКО Владимир Николаевич

Гл.научн. сотрудник, доктор физико-математических наук, профессор

(062) 311-05-51

National Academy of Science of Ukraine
Donetsk Physics & Technology Institute (DonPhTI)
72 R. Luxemburg Str.
Donetsk, 83114 UKRAINE
E-mail: krivoruc@krivoruc.fti.ac.donetsk.ua

Phone: +380 (062) 311 05 51 Fax: +380 (062) 337 90 18

1975 – Donetsk State University, Department of Physics, M.Sc. degree (Honour) in Physics
1979 – Candidate Sc. degree in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics
1990 – Doctor Sc. degree in Solid State Physics
2002 – Professor of Solid State Physics

Research areas: Theory of Magnetism and Superconductivity

Employment: Donetsk Physics & Technology Institute NASU
Current position: Principal Researcher, Professor of Solid State Physics

Teaching Experience: 1989 – 1992 Assistant Professor, Donetsk State University, Department of Physics
1992 – 1993 Associate Professor, Donetsk State University, Department of Physics
since 1993 Professor, Donetsk National University, Department of Physics
Supervisor of four Post-Graduate Thesis.
Special Awards: 1991 State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology for the series of works (performed with co-authors) concerning the discovery and investigation of new types of magnetic resonances, magneto-elastic anomalies, and magnetic structures in low-dimensional antiferromagnetic crystals.

Publications: Over 150 publications in refereed journals.
Monograph: V.G.Bar’yakhtar, V.N.Krivoruchko, D.A.Yablonskii “Green’s Functions in the Theory of Magnetism”, Naukova Dumka, Kiev (1994) 336p. (in Russian)

Current Projects Coordinator:
“Anomalous magnetic and electric properties of meso- and nano-system: effects of dimension and structure” (2006-2009){NAS of Ukraine};
“Irreversible processes and stability of nanomaterials properties” (2007-2009) {NAS of Ukraine, Complex program of fundamental research NANOSTRUCTURED SYSTEMS, NANOMATERIALS, NANOTECHNOLOGIES}.

Representative Publications

  1. V. N. Krivoruchko, V. Yu. Tarenkov. Local triplet superconductivity of La0.65Ca0.35MnO3-X point contacts (X=Pb,MgB2). Phys. Rev. B., v.75, 214508(9) (2007).
  2. V. N. Krivoruchko, A.I. Marchenko and A.A. Prokhorov. Superparamagnetic resonance of single-domain nanoparticles of LaSrMnO3. Fiz. Nizk. Temp., v.33, p.578-585 (2007).
  3. V. N. Krivoruchko, V. Yu. Tarenkov, A. I. D’yachenko, V. N. Varyukhin. Subgap magnetotransport in Pb/LaCaMnO point contacts. Europhys. Lett., v.75(2), p.294 (2006).
  4. A. I. D’yachenko, V. A. D’yachenko, V. Yu. Tarenkov and V. N. Krivoruchko. Spin polarization of charge carriers and Andreev reflection in (LaCa)MnO/superconductor point contacts. Physics of the Solid State, v.48, N3, p. 432 – 440 (2006).
  5. V. Krivoruchko, A Mazur, A. Prokhorov, V. Varyukhin. Magnetic resonances spectroscopy of nano-size particles La0.7Sr0.3MnO3. JMMM, v.300, #1, p.e122-e125 (2006).
  6. V. N. Krivoruchko. Nanoscale superconductor – magnetic metal structures: critical current enhancement and proximity effect. J. Low Temp. Phys., v.139, #1 p. 127 -139 (2005).
  7. V. V. Garkusha, V.N. Krivoruchko. Antiferromagnetic order and dielectric gap within the vortex core of antiferromagnetic superconductor. J. Low Temp. Phys., v.139, #1 p. 37 -47 (2005).
  8. V. N. Krivoruchko. Magnetic-field-induced supercurrent enhancement in hybrid superconductor/magnet metal structures. Europhys. Lett., v.68 (3), pp.447-452 (2004).
  9. D. L. Lyfar, S. M. Ryabchenko, V. N. Krivoruchko, S. I. Khartsev, A.M. Grishin. Microwave absorption of a thin La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 film: Manifestation of colossal magnetoresistance. Phys. Rev. B 69, 100409(R) (2004).
  10. M. M. Savosta, V. N. Krivoruchko, I.A.Danilenko, V.Yu.Tarenkov, T. E. Konstantinova, V. A.Borodin, V. N. Varyukhin. Nuclear spin dynamics and magnetic structure of nanosized particles of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 . Phys. Rev. B 69, 024413 (2004).
  11. V.N.Krivoruchko, E.A.Koshina. Inhomogeneous magnetism induced in a superconductor at superconductor-ferromagnet interface. Phys.Rev. B 66, 014521 (2002).
  12. V.N.Krivoruchko, R.V.Petryuk. Spin-orbit scattering effect on critical current in SFIFS tunnel structures, Phys. Rev. B 66, 134520 (2002).
  13. V.Yu.Tarenkov, A.I.D’yachenko, V.N.Krivoruchko. Pressure-Induced Variation of the Magnetic Structure of the Surface of La0.6Sr0.4MnO3 Granules, JETP, 93 (1), 180 (2001).
  14. V.Dyakonov, A.Prohorov, V.Shapovalov, V.Krivoruchko, V.Pashchenko, E.Zubov, V.Mihailov, P.Aleshkevych, M.Berkowski, S.Piechota, H.Szymczak. Surface and bulk spin-wave resonances in La0.7Mn1.3O3-δ films. J. Phys.: Condens. Matter., 13, 4049 (2001).
  15. V. N. Krivoruchko, E.A.Koshina. From inversion to enhancement of the Josephson current in S/F-I-F/S tunnel structures. Phys.Rev. B 64, 172511 (2001).
  16. E.Koshina, V.Krivoruchko. Spin polarization and π-phase state of the Josephson contact: Critical current of mesoscopic SFIFS and SFIS junctions. Phys.Rev. B v.63, 224515 (2001)


Invited lectures and seminars

  1. V. N. Krivoruchko, A. I. Marchenko, A.S. Mazur, A. A. Prokhorov. “Magnetic structure and microwave properties of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 ultrafine particles”. The Sixth International Symposium on Physics and Engineering of Microwaves, Millimeter and Submillimeter Waves and Workshop on Terahertz Technologies (MSMW’07), Kharkov, Ukraine, June 25-30, 2007.
  2. V. N. Krivoruchko, V. Yu. Tarenkov, A. I. D’yachenko. “Andreev magnetotransport in superconductor/half-metallic ferromagnet contacts”. IC “Statistical Physics 2006. Condensed Matter Physiscs: Theory and Applications (CMPT 2006). 11-15 September 2006, Kharkov, UKRAINE.
  3. V. N. Krivoruchko, V. Yu. Tarenkov, A. I. D’yachenko. “Subgap transport in superconductor/half-metallic ferromagnet contacts”. Advanced Research Workshop “Meso-06”: Mesoscopic and strongly correlated electron systems; Nanoscale superconductivity and magnetism. 14-19 June 2006, Chernogolovka, RUSSIA.
  4. Seminar “Hysteretic Magneto-Transport Phenomena in Half-Metallic Ferromagnets” presented on Wednesday, October 11, 2006 for Wolfson Centre for Magnetics, School of Engineering, Cardiff University.
  5. Seminar “Magnetic Proximity Effect in Superconductor-Ferromagnet Structures” presented on Wednesday, October 25, 2006 for School of Physics and Astronomy, Cardiff University.
  6. V. N. Krivoruchko, V. Yu. Tarenkov, A. I. D’yachenko, V. N. Varyukhin, Spin polarized transport, inherent magnetic inhomogeneity, and unconventional superconducting pairing in contacts of Pb(MgB2) – LaCaMnO. – International Conference “Functional Materials”. October 3-8, 2005 Partenit, Crimea, Ukraine.
  7. V. N. Krivoruchko. “Nanoscale superconductor – magnetic metal structures: critical current enhancement and proximity effect”. NATO ARW Vortex dynamics in superconductors and other complex systems. September 13-17, 2004 Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine.
  8. V.Krivoruchko. Interplay of superconductivity and ferromagnetism in hybrid structures. NATO ARW Nanostructured Magnetic Materials and their Applications. July 1-4, 2003 Istanbul, Turkey.
  9. V. N. Krivoruchko, V. N. Varyukhin, V. Yu. Tarenkov, T. E. Konstatntinova, M. M. Savosta, I. A. Danilenko. Nanoscale magnetism, reversible and irreversible magneto-transport properties of manganite oxides. – Inrenational Conference “Functional Materials”. October 6-11, 2003 Partenit, Crimea, Ukraine.
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