“PHPT”, Vol 14, №2


VARYUKHIN V.N., BELOUSOV N.N. Nature of hardening of highnitrogen steel austenite during accumulation of plastic deformation 7
MALASHENKO V.V. Slippage of a pair of edge dislocations in crystals containing surface point defects 20
SHELEST V.V., KHRISTOV A.V., LEVCHENKO G.G. Effect of consecutive deformation on D-states of outer electron of coordinated ion in octahedral complexes of molecular compounds 29
KOVARSKY V.L., KUZNETSOV A.YU. Pseudospin model of statics−dynamics transformation in three-component multisublattice crystal Cu(H2O)6·SiF6 49
TURKEVICH V.Z., ITSENKO P.P. Mechanism of cubic boron nitride formation in the Mg–BN and AlN–BN systems 65
NOGA I.V., SHATALOV V.M., SUKMANOV V.A. Kinetics of biomolecule degradation under the influence of high pressure and temperature 74
MONDAL T.K., SHIVAPRAKASH N.C., RAJANNA K. Effect of pressure on the phase transition behavior of ammonium nitrate 86
PASHINSKAYA E.G. Shearing-strain effects on processes of structure formation under combined plastic deformations 90
BRITUN V.F., KURDYUMOV A.V. Analysis of conditions of athermic transformations development in carbon and boron nitride 101
DATSKO O.I., ABRAMOV V.S., DUGADKO A.B., MATROSOV N.I., CHISHKO V.V., SHEVCHENKO B.A. Peculiarities of internal friction behavior in copper of fibrous structure with nanosize fibres 109
NADTOCHIY V.A., NECHVOLOD N.K., MOSCAL D.S. Arrangement for investigation of semiconductor single crystal microplasticity 117
BARBASHOV V.I., CHAIKA E.V., KOMYSA YU.A., TKACHENKO YU.B. A device for differential recording of kinetic curves during the indentation 122

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