“PHPT”, Vol 9, №1


EREMEICHENKOVA YU.V., TROITSKAYA E.P., CHAIKA A.V. Applicability of the orthogonalized plane waves method in the case of high pressures. The problem of extra solutions 7
VARUKHIN V.N., BELOUSOV N.N., PASHINSKAYA E.G. The peculiarities of interaction of dislocations with nitrogen atoms during the microplastic deformation of Cr-Ni high nitrogen steels 12
GAWORONSKY A.T., EFROS B.M. On the possible mechanism of increase of plasticity in metals at deforming them under high hydrostatic pressure 19
BRITUN V.F., KURDYUMOV A.V. Effect of nonhydrostatic compression on martensite transformations of rhombohedral BN 32
KARPOVA T.L, PLATKOV V.YA., KALYUZHNYI E.G., TISYACHNIK I.F. Formation of structure and properties of porous materials on the basis of fluor-4 plastic by pressure 36
MEDVEDEV YU.V., LEWANDOWSKI S.J. Magnetoresistance of granular magnetic media 41
ASADOV S.K., ZAVADSKII E.A., KAMENEV V.I., TODRIS B.M. Metastable states in solids: peculiarities and conformities of realization 57
SPUSKANYUK V.Z. Modern technologies of material processing under high hydrostatic pressures 63
LEVCHENKO G., KSENOFONTOV V., DULNEV V., SPIERING Н., DRILLON М., GUTLICH Ph. А study of magnetic properties of layered copper hydroxide based molecular magnets under pressure 69
BORODIN V.A., DOROSHEV V.D., PASHKEVICH YU.G., TARASENKO T.N., BARILO S.N. A new magnetic phase in Gd2CuO4 induced by high pressure 73
GOLTSOV V.A., RYBALKA S.B., VOLKOV A.F., SUBBOTIN V.V., PUTILOV YU.G. Effect of hydrogen pressure on kinetics of the hydrogen-induced diffusive phase decomposition of R2Fe14B type alloy 76
METLOV L.S., MOROZOV A.F. Physical aspects of zone destruction of solids 80
DYACHENKO A.I. The ratio 2∆/kТс for anisotropic d+swave superconductor 87
MELNIK T.N., FELDMAN E.P., VASILENKO T.A. Gas pressure change in a closed volume containing a porous solid 91
STEPHANOVICH L.I., FELDMAN E.P. Correlation analysis of ordering and decomposition kinetics for rapidly cooled alloys 96
VARYUKHIN V.N., BELOUSOV N.N., VITCHAK Zb. Studies of competing mechanisms of plastic deformation of N-containing austenite under high hydrostatic pressure 98
MATROSOV N.I., DUGADKO A.B., PAVLOVSKAYA E.A. Studies of specific features of plastic deformation and diffusion interaction of components of multifiber composites 103
TARENKOV V.YU. Characteristics of composite high-temperature superconductor 110
GOROKH A.V. Change of the atoms (ions) ionization potentials in the natural row of chemical elements. Regularities and consequences 114
BELOSHOV O.N. Non-elastic creep of the metallic glass in equilibrium 121

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