“PHPT”, Vol 8, №1


ZAVADSKII E.A., ZABLOTSKII V.A., SUMINOV D.YU. Phase transition at low temperatures in systems with uniform potential of interparticle interaction 5
VARYUKHIN V.N., KONSTANTINOVA T.YE., TOKII N.V. Dislocation model of local bend 14
GRISHIN A.M., MEDVEDEV YU.V., NIKOLAYENKO YU.M. Thermodynamic coefficients and thermal resistance of the film structure interfaces 27
DYACHENKO A.I. Resonance stimulation of oxygen diffusion in metal oxides 41
ABRAMOV V.S., PANCHENKO O.F. Numerical modeling of the stochastisity and intermittence phenomena at description of nonlinear lattice with local spontaneous deformation in the ground state 61
LOKTIONOV I.K. Critical parameters of one-component classical systems with paired potentials of interaction 70
GOROCH A.V., DANILENKO I.A., PRIMISLER V.B. About the nature of the temperature hysteresis of ∝↔β-transformation in Zr02 75
KASATKA N.G., OREL S.M., SPUSKANYUK V.Z. A model of conductivity of the metal-alloy compressed powders at the initial stage of electrical sintering 80
ZAITSEV V.I., GORBATENKO V.P., POZNYAK H.R., ALEKSEYEV L.G. Influence of preliminary deformation with hydropressing on structure and depth of diffusion zone of steel 18ХГТ after carburizing 88
BASHEV V.F. Conditions of metastable high-pressure phase formation in liquid-quenched samarium 93
STEFANOVICH L.I. On possible mechanisms of coagulation and separation for nonmetallic (diamond) inclusions in electrodischarged baking metallic powders 97
KOZLOV G.V., BELOUSOV V.N., MIKITAEV A.K. The description of solid polymers as a quasi-two-phase systems 101
ANTSIFEROV A.V., KAMBUROVA L.A., TIRKEL M.G., FEDIN M.V. On the relation of the gradient-manner of surface sediments with the stressed state of the rock 108
ANTSIFEROV A.V., KAMBUROVA L.A., TIRKEL M.G., FEDIN M.V. Revealing the geodynamic zones by the variations of the spectrum of head waves 111

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