“PHPT”, Vol 5, №2


DYACHENKO A.I. Pressure effect on tunneling conductivity of high-temperature superconductois 5
ORLOVA N.S., TURTSEVICH G.A. Compressibility of high-pressure phases of compound AglnS2 by the data of X-ray and pressure investigations 15
OLEKHNOVICH N.M., ZHABKO Т.Е., PASHKOVSKII O.L, SALAK A.N., SHILIN A.D., UNYARKHA O.V. Structure and dielectric properties of the system of solid solutions PbScx/2Al1-x/2Nb1/2O3 obtained under high pressures 19
BARBASHOV V.I., TKACHENKO YU.B. influence of high hydrostatic pressure on failure of ionic-covalent crystals 22
BAITSAR R.I., VARSCHAVA S.S., KURILO I.V. Low-temperature plasticity of Si-Ge whiskers 26
METLOV L.S. Thermal models for self-organization of solids 33
LEVSHIN A.A., KODAK N.I., REVVA V.N. Compression of anisotropic layer between rigid plates 46
MERZUG D., BEIGELZIMER YA.E., SPUSKANYUK V.Z. Analysis of the process of die insert billet stamping in the medium of high-pressure liquid 52
VITENKO I.N., CHERNENKO V.A., SHEVCHENKO O.M., SPUSKANYUK V.Z., LYADSKAYA G.A., BUGAICHUK S.N. Martensitic transformation characteris¬tics of the aged shape memory steel treated by hydroextrusion 59
GOROBETS L.ZN., DUBROVA S.B, BOVENKO V.N., PANCHENKO O.F. Investigation of the acoustoemission properties of natural materials in high-pressure mode 65
BELOSHENKO V.A., KOZLOV G.V., STROGANOV I.V., STROGANOV V.F. Modification of the epoxy polymers by adamantancarbonic acids 75
ADAMENKO N.A., PAVLOV A.I., TRYKOV YU.P., ZERSHCHIKOV К.YU. Structural changes in explosion-treated polymer composites 81

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