“PHPT”, Vol 5, №1


SHATALOV V.M. Fine structure and pressure dependence of fullerite optical absorption edge in terms of interband transitios 5
TURKEVICH V.Z. Thermodynamic calculation of the Mn-Ni-C system melting diagram under atmospheric and high pressures 11
BEIGELZIMER YA.E., SPUSKANYUK A.V. The stress and deformation distribution in the thick-wall tubular billet processed by hydroextrusion without inner surface support 18
EFROS B.M., SHISHKOVA N. V., GLADKOVSKII S.V., BEIGELZIMER YA.E., LOLADZE L.V., KONAKOVA I.P., DERYAGIN A.I., SMIRNOV S.V. Phase composition, structure and properties of metaslable heterophase materials at deformation under superhigh pressure 26
VYSOTSKII E.N., GRISHAEV V.V., SAAKYANTS V.P. Influence of steel structure on the surface of failure under bending break-down 37
PLAKSII V.A., BOIVAN V.S. Dynamic behaviour of multicomponent visco-elastic media under different modes of loading 43
KOSMODAMIANSKII A.S., LEVSHIN A.A., KODAK N.I., REVVA V.N. Plastic state of an anisotropic layer compressed between rigid plates 49
METLOV L.S. A mechanical model of zonal disintergation 57
ALEKSEEV A.D., KUZNETSOV E.N., REVVA V.N., SOKOLOV K.I. A plant for the three-axis compression testing of prismatic samples 64
ULYANOVA E.V., STARIKOV G.P., KUZYARA V.I. Methodic bases of the gasodynamic phenomena classification 67
KASYAN N.N., KOSTYUK I.S., FOMIN YU.V., KHUDOLEI O.T. Determination of similarity criteria at simulation of grouting solution propagation in the rock mass 71
KOZLOV G.V., BELOSHENKO V.A., GAZAEV M.A., VARYUKHIN V.N. Flow and fractality of different structure levels of cross-linked polymers 74

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