“PHPT”, Vol 34, №2


METLOV L.S., GORDEY М.М., PETRENKO А.G. Model of anneal of the Cu–Ag alloy in terms of effective internal energy 5
SAMOLETOV A.A. Switching dynamic modes by pressure. Numerical experiment 12
NIKOLAENKO Yu.М., EFROS N.B., KONONENKO V.V., OKUNEV V.D. Wide-band photosensitivity of the resistance of polycrystal samples of (In2O3)1–x : (SrO)x in the vicinity of the high-resistance state 21
METLOV L.S. Structural and ferrielectric phase transitions in perovskites at varied ratios of the critical temperatures 28
OKUNEV V.D., SAMOILENKO Z.A., NIKOLAENKO Yu.М., DYACHENKO T.A., KORNYEVETS A.S., BURKHOVETSKY V.V. Ionacoustic waves and levitation of a particle flow in magnetron plasma: clusterization of plasma and «frozen» oscillations in La0.7Sr0.3MnO3–x films 37
BUKIN G.V., BUKINA К.G. Study of rotatory power of anisotropic films of super high molecular polyethylene 51
POLISHCHUK V.S., ALЕKHOV Yu.A., PERESADCHENKO A.N. Principles of modeling of magnetic abrasive powders with predictable properties 62
VARYUKHIN D.V., TARYANIK N.V., ZAVODOVSKII V.F. Enhancement of the accuracy of the measuring of magnetic field of a superconducting solenoid 71
ZAKARLYUKA S.V. Comparative analysis of the effect of laws of tension strain distribution over the width of a non-planar strip and asymmetry of a defect with respect to the parameters of non-flatness 79
RYABICHEVA L.A., BELOZIR I.I. Residual stress during free burnishing of holes in hollow powder billets 90
SENNIKOVA L.F., GANGALO А.N. Thermal stability of the AMts alloy after different schemes of plastic deformation 96
STARIKOV G.P., BORISENKO E.V., MELNIK T.N., SHATOKHIN S.V., YAKIMCHUK N.V. Application of rheological models of solids to experimental estimation of mechanical and kinetic features 103
NOVIKOV A.O., BORISENKO E.V. Results of laboratory testing of extraction loads for glueless anchors 115

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