“PHPT”, Vol 32, №3


BOUTKO V.G., GUSEV A.A., KHACHATUROVA T.A. Electronic structure and properties of silicon dioxide thin films 5
METLOV L.S. Order-disorder phase transition in the Fe3Al alloy in terms of deformation order parameter 12
TEREKHOV S.V. Thermal properties of a substance 21
GALINSKII M.K., RUMYANTSEV V.V., FEDOROV S.A. Spatial distribution of group velocity of a laser beam in an inhomogeneous medium. Direct
and inverse problem
NIKOLAENKO Yu.M., FEDYUK D.O., ZAVADOVSKII V.F. Estimation of heat capacity and heat conductivity of the material of a single-crystal substrate in a film structure of LSMO/SrTiO3 by the non-stationary method 47
TARASENKO T.N., KOVALYOV O.Ye., KRAVCHENKO Z.F., GRIBANOV I.F., BURKHOVETSKII V.V., MIKHAILOV V.I., POTAPSKAYA O.N., GOLOVCHAN A.V. Specific features of production of single-phase garnet (Bi–Y)3(Fe–Ga)5O12, the structure and the magnetic properties 53
BEREZHNAYA T.S., CHEBYSHEV K.A., BARBASHOV V.I., CHAIKA E.V. Fluorite-like molybdates in the La5–xSmxMo3O16+δ system 66
IZOTOV A.I., KILMAN G.V., SIROTKIN V.V., SHALAEV R.V. Electrical properties of the metal–graphite-like film contact 76
VASILIEV S.V., SVIRIDOVA E.A., ТKATCH V.I. Description of the kinetics of non-isothermal crystallization of the Fe48Co32P14B6 metal glass
according to the data of isothermal analysis
BELOUSOV N.N., KHLOPKOV E.A., YANCHENKO M.V., VOLKOV G.A., VYUNENKO Yu.N. Deformation characteristics of ring-shaped bundle force elements made of the TiNi alloy determined by reversible shape memory 95
GANGALО А.N., PROKOF’EVA O.V., BURKHOVETSKII V.V., YANCHEV А.I., TYUTENKO V.S. Analysis of the quality of the flank surface of titanium microwire 108

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