“PHPT”, Vol 30, №1


TEREKHOV S.V. Thermal changes in the state of metal glasses 5
GALINSKY M.K., RUMYANTSEV V.V., FEDOROV S.A., PETRENKO A.G., Bose–Einstein condensation of photons and polaritons 17
SVIRID A.E., KURANOVA N.N., MAKAROV V.V., PUSHIN A.V., PUSHIN V.G. High-strength and ductile fine-grained Cu–Al–Ni shape memory alloys obtained by isothermal upsetting 30
ANIKEEV S.G., MONOGENOV A.N., ARTYUKHOVA N.V., HODORENKO V.N., GARIN A.S., KOKOREV O.V., GYUNTER V.E. Study of structural features of a porous TiNi-based alloy obtained by sintering 42
BOYLO I.V. Influence of oxygen deficiency in lanthanum calcium manganite on the frequency dependence of the area of the electric current-voltage hysteresis loop 49
TOKIY N.V., TOKIY V.V. Hydroxylation of (100) surface of anatase plate by DFT method 58
METLOV L.S., LINNIK A.I., DOVGII V.T., TEHTELEV Yu.V., PETRENKO A.G. Features of fluctuations in the vicinity of the critical point of the structural phase transition accompanied by a change in magnetic ordering 66
EFROS B.M., LESNIKOV V.P., ANTONISHIN Yu.T., EFROS N.B., TYUTENKO V.S. Baric, thermal and mechanical treatment of heat-resistant alloys 77
GRIBANOV I.F., BURKHOVETSKII V.V., VAL’KOV V.I., GOLOVCHAN A.V., ZAPOROZHETS V.D., KAMENEV V.I., SIVACHENKO T.S. Non-trivial features of magnetostructural phase transformations in magnetocaloric alloys of the Mn1–xCrxNiGe (0 < x < 0.25) system 83
TEYTEL Ye. Structural aspects of severe plastic deformation 96
NOVIKOV A.O., SHESTOPALOV I.N., MOROZ O.K. Ensuring the stability of mine workings in the conditions of Oil-Mining Authority «Yareganeft» of «LUKOIL-Komi» Ltd 102
GREBNEVA H.A. Semiempirical potential function by Tolpygo and Grebneva and its contribution to the substantiation of polymerasetautomeric models 110
TARYANIK N.V., VARYUKHIN D.V., FEDYUK D.O. Superconducting system with magnetic field induction of 9.5 T for a NMR spectrometer 119
SOKOLOVSKIY Ya.S., VARYUKHIN D.V. Use of a recyclable material in the course of production of the billets of doped carbide steel by powder metallurgy with present liquid phase 126

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